Been bitten by the travel bug and need a way to finance your dream? You don’t have to win the lottery in order to see the world. Finding a way to fund your travel dreams can be a creative adventure in and of itself. While many might forego travel or spend years scrimping to save up for a big excursion, there are other options for those willing to take an entrepreneurial approach. Numerous opportunities are available to those wishing to set up shop in the global village.

If you’re ready to become an entrepreneurial gypsy, this seminar will introduce you to some of those opportunities and show you how to generate ideas of your own.

You’ll learn:

  • How to make travel a regular activity in your life
  • Ways to earn money as you go
  • How to create a portable business
  • Off the beaten path sources of support
  • How to use a hobby or avocation to fund and enhance travel
  • Ways to get paid to travel (other than working for the airlines)

If you’re ready to travel farther and stay longer, this seminar will show you what others are doing and how you can, too. Get out your suitcases, grab your passport and camera-but, first, take this class!

You helped me to open up to a whole new way of thinking about work — about life, really. I now have my own little business. The greatest joy for me is that this enterprise has bubbled up out of my life naturally and easily, coming from my heart and soul.

~ Laurie, San Diego


What is the difference between a book that becomes a bestseller and one that doesn’t? Why is Julia Child a household name and your Aunt Ruth, a fabulous gourmet, known only to her household? Why is someone else becoming rich and famous doing what you can do even better? As the Information Age continues to explode, the opportunities for those with a desire to share what they know continue to expand, too. Just being knowledgeable about a subject isn’t enough to earn you expert status. You have to know how to connect with the people who want what you have to offer. This seminar will show you how to do just that.

You’ll learn:

  • Inexpensive and free ways to establish yourself as an expert in the field of your choice
  • Shortcuts to finding the people who want what you have to offer
  • The easiest way to begin packaging your information
  • How to expand your base of influence
  • How to find and attract interest from the media
  • How to keep building your reputation as the authority worth listening to

In short, you’ll learn what every expert knows. In addition, you’ll be given an overview of the potential ways in which an expert can earn money. If you have a story to tell and expertise to share, or want to enhance your business, this course will show you attention-getting ways to let others know you’re around.

I left your seminar so excited and filled with ideas that I drove 30 miles before realizing I was going in the wrong direction. I have always had a passion for the past; now I have a passion for the future.

~ Julie, Minneapolis, MN

Ready to leave behind the 9-to-5 world and start building some-thing on your own? Don’t know where to start? Millions of Americans have already traded in their corporate lifestyle for the satisfaction, freedom and creative challenge of jobless earning. So can you. This seminar is for everyone who has dreamed of being their own boss, as well as for those who are out of work, soon to be out of work, or wishing they were out of work.

After “real” jobs as a teacher, employment counselor and interior designer, Barbara J. Winter decided to test her own ideas and strike out on her own. That was in 1974 and she’s been joyfully jobless ever since. She shares her experience and passion with would-be self-bossers in this informative seminar. Barbara will give you the basics you need to join the ranks of the successfully self-employed.

You’ll learn:

  • Three important techniques for success
  • How to recognize and manage the obstacles you’ll face
  • How to develop multiple income channels
  • How to design a work life that’s perfect for you
  • How to get started quickly with little or no money
  • The best ways to make a living without a job
  • How to find support and resources for building momentum

While the conventional wisdom may still be telling you, “Get a job,” this class will show you new possibilities for working when you want, where you want and how you want. Whether you want to make the transition from employee to entrepreneur or create another source of income, don’t miss this one-of-a-kind seminar. Come prepared to be inspired and informed.

I have attended various seminars before on wealth, personal development, making a fortune in real estate — this, that and the other thing. None can compare to the three hours I spent with you.

~ Gail M. Ferris

Very few people start a business because they love marketing. And yet, without marketing it’s unlikely that a business will succeed. Whether you’re a webmaster or window washer, an artist or an accountant, you know that success is dependent upon securing business and that attracting and retaining clients and customers is fundamental to your future. That’s what this seminar is all about.

You’ll learn:

  • How to master marketing fears and make marketing fun
  • The essentials of making your business stand out
  • How to find clients in off the beaten track ways
  • How to generate word of mouth endorsements
  • Free and inexpensive sources of promotion
  • Skills that will generate a growing customer base


Whether you own a business that’s ready for a makeover or you have just printed your first business cards, this seminar will offer dozens of ideas that will help your business stand out amidst the competition. Even if your marketing budget is small (or non-existent) you’ll come away with tried and tested practical ideas that will transform your approach to marketing and boost your confidence. It might even help you learn to love marketing!



One of the reasons that mature people stop learning is that they become less willing to risk failure.

~ John W. Gardner