Did you miss one of my previously scheduled Teleclasses or you just can’t wait for the next call? The following Teleclasses are now available as an audio download.

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Each recording is just $29. Click on the Teleclass name to purchase.


What is a Teleclass?

Quite simply, a teleclass is a popular new way of taking a seminar without ever leaving home.

It’s a lot like a conference call where everyone dials into a phone number at the same time using a regular phone. You pay for the long-distance call, but no conferencing fees. The phone number, along with some guidelines for getting the most out of your teleclass, will be e-mailed to you as soon as you register for your teleclass. You’ll have the opportunity to ask questions or engage in discussion with people from across the country — and sometimes from other countries as well.

It can be a lot more interesting than another night of television.

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