It’s different here. There’s not a cubicle in sight. You won’t find any One Size Fits All Business Plans or formulas to follow here, either. We see self-employment as an opportunity to share our unique gifts, passions and eccentricities with others so every citizen proudly creates a one of a kind enterprise that is a perfect fit for them.

We’re a peace-loving tribe. We spend no time trying to convince others to quit their jobs and join us. We’re delighted to be ambassadors, but we’re not missionaries. Staying inspired is a daily practice here. We’re not big on competition, although we love to collaborate.

Here are a few other things to know about Joyfully Jobless Land:

Citizenship: Voluntary

Language: English spoken, along with every other language on Earth, but you’ll seldom hear words like can’t or shouldn’t. You will hear lots of conversation about ideas and encouragement.

Currency: We operate with multiple currencies, of which money is one; other popular currencies include satisfaction, laughter, joy and innovation.

Priorities: We place a high value on independence and creativity and urge every citizen to thoughtfully consider what matters most to them and to build a life that supports those things.

Mission: To leave it better than we found it.

Dreamers Welcomed.
Whiners? Not so much.

Listen in…

Barbara talks to Maureen Anderson on her Air America show Doing What Works about the importance of connecting with others. She includes tips on how to do just that.