What is the difference between a book that becomes a bestseller and one that doesn’t? Why is Julia Child a household name and your Aunt Ruth, a fabulous gourmet, known only to her household? Why is someone else becoming rich and famous doing what you can do even better? As the Information Age continues to explode, the opportunities for those with a desire to share what they know continue to expand, too. Just being knowledgeable about a subject isn’t enough to earn you expert status. You have to know how to connect with the people who want what you have to offer. This seminar will show you how to do just that.

You’ll learn:

  • Inexpensive and free ways to establish yourself as an expert in the field of your choice
  • Shortcuts to finding the people who want what you have to offer
  • The easiest way to begin packaging your information
  • How to expand your base of influence
  • How to find and attract interest from the media
  • How to keep building your reputation as the authority worth listening to

In short, you’ll learn what every expert knows. In addition, you’ll be given an overview of the potential ways in which an expert can earn money. If you have a story to tell and expertise to share, or want to enhance your business, this course will show you attention-getting ways to let others know you’re around.

I left your seminar so excited and filled with ideas that I drove 30 miles before realizing I was going in the wrong direction. I have always had a passion for the past; now I have a passion for the future.

~ Julie, Minneapolis, MN