Want to go from being an employee to being an entrepreneur?

Here’s your bridge.

When I was writing the first edition of this book, my editor predicted it would have a long shelf life. I wasn’t sure what that meant, but here it is years later and as pertinent as ever. It was updated several years after it first appeared to include things like the Internet which was not around in the original book.

However, the philosophy is timeless.

While you won’t find a lot of rules or formulas here, it is filled with power tools for creating your very own one of a kind enterprise. Many readers also tell me they revisit the book when they’re ready to grow their business.

Take a look at what some of my readers have to say:

I started my own business about two months after reading this book and have never looked back (well, maybe I look back sometimes, but only to remember how much happier I am today). ~ Steve Strauss, MrAllBiz.com, USA Today contributor

One of the best books I know on this subject. Heck, no, it IS the best book I know on this subject. ~ Maggy Whitehouse, Independent minister, stand-up comedian, writer and broadcaster

Check it out! It works! Barbara is a prime example of what she preaches, teaches and writes about! ~ Donna K. Fuller

This is so important—particularly in these uncertain times. ~ Diane Watson

Have always followed this advice since the 90s and am opening my newest company soon. ~ Wendy Nemitz

This is one of my favorite books, which I read early in my writing career. If you’re looking for ideas to generate income, read this fabulous book. ~ Stephanie Chandler, Non-fiction Authors Association

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