Very few people start a business because they love marketing. And yet, without marketing it’s unlikely that a business will succeed. Whether you’re a webmaster or window washer, an artist or an accountant, you know that success is dependent upon securing business and that attracting and retaining clients and customers is fundamental to your future. That’s what this seminar is all about.

You’ll learn:

  • How to master marketing fears and make marketing fun
  • The essentials of making your business stand out
  • How to find clients in off the beaten track ways
  • How to generate word of mouth endorsements
  • Free and inexpensive sources of promotion
  • Skills that will generate a growing customer base


Whether you own a business that’s ready for a makeover or you have just printed your first business cards, this seminar will offer dozens of ideas that will help your business stand out amidst the competition. Even if your marketing budget is small (or non-existent) you’ll come away with tried and tested practical ideas that will transform your approach to marketing and boost your confidence. It might even help you learn to love marketing!



One of the reasons that mature people stop learning is that they become less willing to risk failure.

~ John W. Gardner