Entrepreneur is a perfectly lovely word that can be roughly translated from two French words meaning to undertake. So what’s fueling all these made-up variations? Here are some of the ones that I’ve seen:









Not only do these new words lack the musical sound of the original, they also lack gravitas. They’re kind of cute and sound more like hobbies than viable businesses. Can you imagine calling Michelangelo a Marblepreneur? Or John Steinbeck a Storypreneur?

I rest my case.                     


5 Responses to “Stop the Madness”

  1. Shirley

    I love coming to your blog when I have a minute, Barbara. I never know what I am going to find, but your writing always makes me think and this entry made me laugh out loud … Michelangelo Marblepreneur indeed! You add clarity where it’s often lacking, Barbara! Thanks!

  2. Steve

    Hi, Barbara. I was so gobsmacked by this post that I wound up changing one of the categories on my blog from “Solopreneur” to “Solo entrepreneur.” Your writing and speaking inspired me to dive into this world of simple self-employment and entrepreneurial thinking. Now you have saved me from the apostasy of corporate-styled jargon! Many thanks.

  3. Barbara

    Apostasy? I haven’t heard that word very often…and never on this blog. Glad I helped you redeem yourself from humiliation.

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