When my friend Peter Vogt called this morning, I happily settled in for one of our always inspiring chats. The catalyst for his call was a seminar he’d attended yesterday. “I think I was channeling you,” he joked and went on to tell me a story about what he called a “smarmy SCORE volunteer” who was sprung on the group. Peter–and others–were extremely annoyed.  Peter knew I would share his upset, but that wasn’t what he called about. “The rest of the seminar was full of good stuff,” he said, “and it triggered pages of new thoughts and ideas. Once I get it all written down, may I send it to you for your reaction?” Of course I said yes.

Then our conversation moved on to the power of seminars. Peter and I know that something happens when we put ourselves in a room with others who share our interests and curiosity  that simply can’t happen any other way. We can get information from reading or the Internet, but seminars are about so much more than information. They’re about connection.

A couple of hours later, I talked to Della Kurtz who is planning to attend my upcoming  Compelling Storytelling event in Las Vegas. She had some travel questions, but mostly we talked about another seminar she had attended over the weekend. She said a day after that lively event, she was talking to a friend on the phone who commented that Della’s energy seemed stronger and clearer. Della eagerly shared some of the things she had learned and ideas that were sprouting as a result of her participation. Even though she’s been a lifelong learner, Della has that enthusiasm that seems natural to those who are determined to support their dreams with action.

Of course, we don’t simply wake up one morning and find ourselves in seminars like Peter and Della attended. We have to make a commitment of time and money in order to have the experience. Unless we make our dreams a top priority and back that up with action, nothing much changes. 

A mentor of mine had a mantra that went, “If you want to be successful, you have to do what successful people do.” Seminar participation is one of those things. Like Peter and Della, put this into practice : learn, take action, learn some more, take more action. Repeat indefinitely. 

We evolve at the rate of the tribe we’re plugged into. ~ Carolyn Myss