° They love innovation and ideas

° They ask “what if” alot

° They drop names of people they admire

° They study success

° They are not satisfied with the status quo

° They understand the power of practice

° They show up at gatherings of other inspired entrepreneurs

° They are tireless relationship builders

° They are relentlessly curious

° They spread encouragement

° They laugh often

° They are enthusiastic problem-solvers

° They consider personal growth a worthwhile hobby

° They are generous and sharing in diverse ways

° They take good care of themselves

° They know that inspiration isn’t vaccination

° They are genuine optimists

° They find change exciting

° They are genuises at mobilizing the resources at hand

° They are committed to leaving it better than they found it

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  1. Tricia T Hunter

    To add to the list:
    They are enthusiastic about everyone’s entreprenurial ventures
    They tend to be unimpressed with economic doomsayers
    They are persistant even when family & friends scoff at their dream

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