Neglected ideas are not unlike neglected pets. Ignore them long enough and they’ll stop trying to get your attention and slink off into a corner. Or they might sneak off to a neighbor’s home where they’re given the nurturing they deserve.

Kind of sad, don’t you think?

Last week John Williams and I had a conversation about this very thing. John, the author of the delightful Screw Work Let’s Play, a bestseller in the UK, has come up with a terrific idea of his own, one that is rescuing all sorts of neglected ideas.

I couldn’t wait to hear more. Thanks to the wonders of Skype (another brilliant idea), I had a lively chat with him in his London home.

Feel free to eavesdrop. Then gather up your abandoned project and bring it to life via the upcoming 30 Day Challenge.

John and partner Selina Barker are eager to guide, encourage and help you turn your project into a pampered pet. If you are willing to spend a few minutes every day for the month of October doing the work, they’ll provide the momentum.

Don’t delay another minute.

Join the 30 Day Challenge and prepare to amaze yourself.

One Response to “New Life for Neglected Ideas”

  1. Skylynne

    Hi Barbara,
    Your chat with John Williams was eye-opening for me. Thank you! I really started thinking about things that are innate to me and what I need to avoid on my own little adventure:)
    I had a job years ago that I absolutely loved. One of those jobs where you wake up in the morning and think, Wow! Someone is actually paying me to have fun. I was working 14-16 hours/day, but it never felt like work because it wasn’t the same day in and day out. You can’t count on it forever, I suppose, because people change, you change, and things move on. The natural course of life.
    I think folks don’t venture out on their own, not because of the stigma of not having a job, but rather from a fear of failure. You are absolutely correct about the business books. I think that they are a great reference, but not much more because they don’t teach you how to think outside the box, discover what you love, and give you a rudimentary path “how to do it”. Theoretical does not transfer well to application, I’ve found.
    I jotted down some notes and have a rudimentary action plan. Subject to change. I am now entering my own 30 Day Challenge. Exciting, inspirational stuff. Thanks for sharing.
    — Skylynne

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