Those of us who write with the intention of motivating others, constantly deal with an enigma. What, for goodness sake, does the word “motivation” really mean?

My thesaurus lists all sorts of possibilities including “tempt, seduce and bribe.” That’s hardly what I had in mind here at Buon Viaggio.

After years of thinking about this word, I’m still not certain that I have a clear definition myself. I do, however, know what it means personally.

Motivation to me is when an inner force is moving me in the direction of an outer result. I also know that it needs to be nurtured and encouraged.

Several years ago, I was thinking about a new opportunity that I was considering. As I was musing about it, the idea for a poem popped into my head.

I happened to come across that poem again this afternoon. My granddaughter Zoe was hanging out with me and I read it to her. She urged me to share it with you.

So here it is:

If this is not a grand adventure,

what’s the point?

There is no necessity in my life

for just another way

to spend some time.

Not now, not when I long

to hang by my fingernails

eyes as big as saucers

with the wonder of what’s next.

So will you promise me

that I will find

my heart pounding

breath coming in loud spurts

between the laughter

that will signal

“We did it” We did it

with sass, with style,

with spirit and spunk”?

To go beyond where I have been before

Ah, that would qualify as an adventure

One worthy of the love and passion

It will take

To pull this one off!

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