Although I’ve lived through numerous Inauguration Days in my life, I don’t recall any previous ceremony generating the kind of excitement that today’s celebration has. Even the ramp up to this day has been filled with incredible enthusiasm.

Rick Steves flew from Seattle to DC yesterday and reported, “As soon as the wheels hit the tarmac everyone on the plane yells “Obama!” and chants “Yes We Can!” We take the Metro into our nation’s capitol, where absolutely everyone seems to be family, and feels ready to welcome a new president…and a new era.”

Echoing Ghandi’s famous lines, this Inauguration asks us to Be the Change.

As of this writing, the day hasn’t begun. We haven’t heard Obama’s speech. We do know, however, that he wrote it himself and is going to talk about the importance of responsibility and accountability. He is inviting each of us to actively participate in something bigger than ourselves. 

Not only does this day remain to be seen, it’s also unknown whether or not the enthusiasm will survive as we begin to tackle enormous problems…problems that can’t possibly be solved by one person. One by one we need to privately commit to making history, not to being a spectator. Happily, I’m not alone in believing that we really could be the change if we never forget that we can.

To be continued…

Here’s a starting point: I Pledge  video