Haven’t I been telling you that self-employment is the best personal growth seminar ever invented? Pamela Rutledge has written a terrific piece that is on the Psychology Today’s Web site called  The Positive Psychology of Entrepreneurship which affirms what I’ve been saying. If you need another reason to be joyfully jobless, see what she has to say. It’s my favorite find of the week.

Siblings Megan and Chris Hurley have a terrific Web site called Finding Benjamin which aims to teach kids about money. They share ideas for business ventures kids can start. And they’re looking for article contributions.

If you’ve been paying any attention, you know that I’m a huge fan of Twitter, which enriches my life every day. Simply don’t understand folks’ reluctance to get into the conversation. However, if at first glance it looks like a high school popularity contest, read this sane article,  The Value of Twitter Followers: Quality Over Quantity which opens with this observation, “Twitter followers have become the status symbol of 2009, but how valuable are they, really? I think we’re placing too much importance on the numbers and paying far too little attention to the actual reasons why followers can be valuable to us.” By all means, take a look at this article and, if you haven’t done so, give Twitter a chance.

I’ve long been fascinated by meaningful coincidences, so I took note when I had not one, but two, requests to do radio interviews arrive within an hour of each other. This was the invitation that came first:

I’m sure you won’t remember me, but my name is Holland Cooke, and I attended your  seminar “Making A Living Without A Job” in Washington DC.

YOU CHANGED MY LIFE…and I’m hoping you’ll let me return the favor.

I’ve been HAPPILY without-a-full-time-employer since January 1, 1995.

Mostly, I’m a media consultant, specializing in talk radio.  And soon, I’ll be moonlighting ON talk radio, when I guest-host the syndicated Jim Bohannon Show on 300+ stations, Monday 7/27 and Tuesday 7/28.  As you may know, Jim took over what-used-to-be The Larry King Show, when Larry moved from radio to TV years ago.

I’m writing to invite you to appear with me.

Back in the 80s, curious-and-entrepreneurial-as-I-was, your book and topic were of REAL interest to me personally.  Now…times-being-what-they-are-economically, I think your message means more than ever, to everybody…and I think it’d be a great hour of radio, outlining some of the principles you told our seminar way-back-when, and fielding listeners’ calls.

The next invitation was from Terri in MN, a woman who had attended a workshop of mine there a couple of years ago. She now has her own radio show. It delights me to get these invites from former students who are giving me a nice opportunity to talk about my favorite subject. 

Summer is the  time of year to catch up on my reading. I have uncovered some real treasures and will be writing about some of them in Winning Ways. One of my new favorites is The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks. It’s not a perfect book (he spends way too much time telling us what he’s going to tell us), but it’s basic concepts are revolutionary.

In many ways this book is a challenge to live our lives from a different state of awareness. The chapter on Time is astonishing, but there’s a line from the book I can’t stop thinking about:

The art of commitment should really be called the art of recommitment. Commitment gets you started and propels you through the early stages of any game, but it’s recommitment that ignites your reserves when you feel like you’re going to give up.