My 5-year-old grandson Zachy started Kung Fu lessons this fall. It has not been an easy experience.

So when I got a call from his mother last week, I was delighted to hear her say, “Zachy earned his yellow belt today. Can you come over and watch Noah while I take Zachy out for ice cream?” I was on it.

Celebrating small victories is more important than our busy selves sometimes realize. It’s reinforcement of the most basic sort that we’re on the right track.

It’s also fun to celebrate, of course.

We build a track record or a body of work by placing a high value on small doings. This seems to be a well-kept secret.

Appreciating small steps does not, as some seem to think, imply that we’re only capable of small achievements. I see evidence of that all the time.

In August, my sister Nancy sent an email to me and our three other siblings proposing we plan a trip to Provence next spring to celebrate her birthday. Before the day was over, we’d all signed on.

As plans began to take shape, I decided this project would be even more fun if I created some special activities to fund my travels.

Although I always have a travel account, it wasn’t currently large enough to support two weeks abroad. I had the funds available in other places, but liked the challenge of making a special project of it.

What can I do right now to get things rolling? I asked myself. I decided to run a sale on audios of my teleclasses. Within a few days, my travel account had doubled.

Before I could plan what the next project would be, an unexpected opportunity came to me when I got a call (thanks to my doctor) inviting me to participate in a medical study for which I am well-qualified.

I was immediately interested because I thought it would be of help to other people. As the initial phone interview was taking place, I learned that the timing worked well with my schedule.

After we worked out some of the logistics, the interviewer told me I would be paid for my participation. More money for my travel account, I thought.

When I did some quick calculations, I discovered that this project would double the money I already had accumulated.

More small doings. More visible progress.

I’m thinking it may be time to go out for ice cream.

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  1. Sally Evans

    Yes, I love it. Remembering that things usually take lots of small steps to finish or accomplish, it is smart to keep going by celebrating the effort, not just the outcome. And ice cream is always a good idea.

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