Although I have shared this before, I am doing so again in the optimistic hope that someone reads it and actually gives it a try.


 What if I told you that there’s a technique that if faithfully applied would absolutely guarantee your success in starting and building your business? Well, such a technique exists although it sometimes seems like a well-kept secret.

I’ve shared it in my seminars and in my writing, but getting people to actually try it for themselves has been another matter.

Whenever I receive a call or e-mail from someone telling me that they’re stuck, I can be certain that they haven’t given this idea a fair shake.

On the other hand, those I’ve managed to convince to use it every day report that things really start happening— and quickly.

Any successful goal setter will tell you that reaching goals big or small is dependent on breaking the big picture into tiny doable steps. That’s the essence of my favorite idea, the $100 Hour.

It works with such infallible certainty that once you make it a regular part of your plans, it’s like a rocket propelling you to your goals. You can begin implementing the $100 Hour even if you have other commitments that clamor for your attention.

Begin by making a pact with yourself that you will set aside time daily, if possible, or at scheduled intervals, for the purpose of finding an idea that will bring you $100.

You needn’t complete the plan in the hour, but if time permits use your surplus to get your idea rolling. Do research, make calls, write letters or e-mails— anything that moves you closer.

If you’re focusing your energies on a single profit center, then come up with an idea for expanding it in a way that will earn another $100. If your business plan is more eclectic, then this time can be spent designing a variety of projects.

A word of warning is in order here. While this idea works wonders, your ego may tell you that $100 is too insignificant to bother with.

Ignore it.

After all, great fortunes and grand achievements have been accomplished by steadfast devotion to creating tiny successes—which ultimately add up to enormous successes.

The discipline that comes with using this technique is perhaps its greatest bonus.

However, once you start seeing results, don’t stop using it. With continued practice, you’ll find it gets easier and easier to come up with a $100 idea. At that point, you can raise the monetary stakes, if you like.

At any rate, you’ll discover that the quality of your ideas gets better and better with practice.

9 Responses to “A Simple Idea for Generating Cash Flow”

  1. lisa

    A friend reinvented her financial health, and the $100 hour and your book were essential resources along the way. In fact, I keep extra copies of MLWRJ on hand to give as a spontaneous gift, when the occasion fits. this particular friend was one of said recipients and will often mention how the $100 hour changed her thoughts about possibilities.

  2. Karla

    Recently became disabled and lost my job. Am starting this process ASAP. Will keep you informed with what I discover!

  3. Karen

    Enjoyed this post, it makes great sense and I like the way you explain it. I’ll be sharing this post for sure with my client list! I’m going to also make sure I keep a copy of it for myself as a continued reminder :).

    Thanks Barbara for sharing.

  4. Calvin

    Would you be willing to send me your top 5-10 $100 a day ideas? I’m trying to avoid picking up some job that I don’t really want. Thank you!

  5. Barbara Winter


    The purpose of this exercise is to start using your imagination. In my book Making a Living Without a Job I do offer suggestions about potential projects in my chapter on Turning Passions Into Profits. However, there’s no top idea list since this is a highly personal creative endeavor.

  6. Andrea Gerak

    This is awesome in its simplicity, thank you Barbara!

    After reading this, I started to work on it right away. Want to buy something special that is a bit more than 100 bucks, but that hundred would be a big step toward it.

    As I am the eclectic type, I was looking at what would be the best ways to streamline all the activities I do.

    I think 2 days later I got a project just out of the blue sky, which was not even strictly in line with what I have done so far, and which pays for that special thing and a bit more 🙂

    Thank you!!

  7. Fernando Quiros

    I just moved to another city and I had to leave my job. The $100 Hour technique looks interesting and fun. I started today and I already have a few ideas. Thank you!!!

  8. J Lez

    this is a simple and great idea. it gets your thoughts going in many possibilities. God bless!

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