When Elizabeth Barrett Browning wrote, “How do I love thee, let me count the ways,” she wasn’t talking about her life as a poet, but we’re borrowing that idea anyway.  Our list isn’t nearly as poetic as hers, but it’s every bit as passionate.

√ Control over time. Self-bossers are more likely to plan their work around their 

bio-rhythms, not a timeclock.

√ No supervisor. Being self-directed builds confidence and maturity.

√ Imagination stays fit. Our creative spirit is like a muscle and needs frequent workouts to keep it in top operating form. 

√ Office can be anywhere. We get to decide if we’ll work at the beach, in our RV or in our home office. 

√ Time for creative excursions. Knowing how important it is to gather ideas all the time, we work frequent jaunts into our schedule and let ourselves be inspired.

√ No rush hour traffic.

√ No fast food. Not only do we save money but eating healthy is easier when we have time to prepare good food.

√ A more balanced life. Smart self-bossers begin by figuring out what’s important to them and find ways to spend time on the top priorities which include not working too.

√ Lifelong learning. Having experienced jobs where continuous learning was not valued, we now design our own curriculum of formal and informal learning. 

√ Pet friendly office. Fluffy and Fido can be part of our staff.

√ Custom-tailored benefits. While we have familiar benefits like health insurance and vacation time, self-bossers might give themselves other benefits like weekly massages or exciting sabbaticals.

√ Constant personal growth. Our businesses call us to keep growing and discovering new talents and wisdom.

√ The coolest friends. Entrepreneurial souls tend to be fun and fascinating. Building a personal network of such friends is a joy.

√ No office politics.

√ Great tax deductions. Our tax system favors the very wealthy and self-bossers. 

√ No dress code. Whether you’re funky or conservative, your wardrobe won’t be decided by a memo.

√ A variety of work. We resist doing the same thing day in and day out and our businesses reflect our love of different activities.

√ Learn talent management. Self-discovery leads to finding our biggest assets and making the most of them.


√ Be a positive role model. When we follow our dreams, we set the best example for our kids and others who we don’t even know are taking inspiration from our lead.

√ Longevity. Yup, we’ll probably live longer and happier lives by honoring the promptings of our hearts.

√ Master crowd control. We can go to the movies on Tuesday afternoon or bank when there’s no line. Not only is this efficient, it eliminates a lot of stress.


√ Practical mental health. Do you think it’s healthier to spend time problem-solving or complaining? Entrepreneurship, by its very nature, enhances mental health.

√ Meet fascinating people. As our businesses take us out into the world, we begin to encounter new and interesting folks we’d have never met any other way.

√ Feed our adventurous spirit. What others call uncertainty, we see as a passport to a rich life that keeps our curiosity busy.

√ Learn personal responsibility. If our parents and schools didn’t teach us this vital lesson, our businesses certainly will.

√ Naps.

√ Unlimited financial potential.  We get to decide our money goals and create ways to reach them. What a lovely notion.

√ Harmony. Self-bossers are more likely to live in alignment with their deepest values. 




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