Zoe turned five last month. About six weeks before the big event, she called me on Skype and said, “Grandma, my birthday’s coming.” I assured her I was aware of that. “I’ve  got my theme,”  she announced. I was flattered to get the advance notice, but even more pleased that Zoe already knows that a party is just a party until you give it a theme. Then things start to happen. 

Themes aren’t just for parties, of course. You can can put your entrepreneurial efforts on track and keep them there with a theme. It could be a single word or a phrase that becomes your motto. Either way, it will help you gain clarity and focus. I like to pick a new (and challenging) theme for each new year; shorter projects also are given a theme. When you’ve chosen a theme, it will also be a catalyst for ideas that are in line with that theme. You’ll manage your time more effectively and notice things that are in alignment with your project name.

A seminar participant who had been procrastinating about getting her writing business launched called her project Anne Learns How To Market Her Writing. This led her to read several books on the subject and take a couple of adult ed classes on marketing for freelancers. Within a few weeks she’d sent out five query letters and gotten a writing assignment. “What had seemed intimidating before,” she recalls, “suddenly became a fun challenge.”

Recently, I made another discovery about themes. While I’ve always thought of themes as being consciously chosen, I’ve noticed that people who participate on social networking sites often reveal a theme that they may not be aware of. I see folks who consistently model themes such as I’m Here to Sell You Something, Did I Tell You I Wrote a Book, I’m Here to Get What I Can. Other people seem to have Gratitude, Generosity and Curiosity stamped all over their posts.

If we’ve all got major and minor themes operating all of the time, doesn’t it make sense to actively chose those that bring out the best in us?

Here are a few theme possibilities to consider:

       Travel Light
       Explore More
       Make Connections
       Build Strength
       Do It Easy
       Visible Abundance
       No Limits
       Daily Laughter
       More Magic
       Wildly Creative
       Amaze Myself
       Welcome Opportunity
       Keep Moving Ahead
       Back to Basics
       Fully Engaged
       Dream Bold
       Catch the Spirit
       New Adventures

A life devoted to trifles not only takes away the inclination, but the capacity for higher pursuits. ~ Hannah More

6 Responses to “Do You Know Your Theme?”

  1. Barbara

    Originally it was Littlest Pet Shop, but it got changed to Scooby Doo. There was a Scooby jumper, a local troop of Scooby characters who solved a crime at the party and a Scooby pinata at the end. I was relieved the theme changed since she’d told me when it was Pet Shop that I’d have to go as a chipmunk.

  2. Gretchen Biasotti

    Every three months at my office we have to change our password. I choose a word that I want to focus on for the next three months.

  3. Barbara Winter

    That’s a great idea. i also know someone who makes her password a short affirmation.

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