It felt like an entrepreneurial cyclone hit this week. Besides all the intriguing resources I’ve collected, there was much rejoicing all around me. The week began with learning that yes, indeed, there will be a revised and updated version of Making a Living Without a Job before the end of the year. Longtime friend and Rhinestone Gypsy Linda Gannon sent an update on her booming business along with a hysterical story about her rock star customer. My sister Margaret started a creative profit center that has generated so much enthusiasm that I can feel it 300 miles away. To top things off, there was much whooping and hollering when my daughter Jennie called to say she got her first client for her doula business. And it’s only the first week of the new year!

Besides all the excitement close to home, I came across so many articles and resources this week that I wanted to pass along, but decided my list needed to be edited or you’d be linking all weekend long. Here are the ones that made the cut.

For years, I’ve been raving about Rick Steves. Not only do I use his travel guides and have watched his PBS programs for years, I also admire the way he has built and run his business. I paid a visit to his Website and found a charming list of his Top Travel Memories for 2008. If you go to his site, you can be lost there for hours.

One of the first things I plan to do on my upcoming trip to the UK is to sample as many Innocent Drinks as possible. I’ve been writing about this wildly creative business ever since I discovered them. Alas, their products aren’t available in the US so I have to be content with reading their weekly mailings. Nobody uses humor and whimsy better than the Innocent Drinks geniuses. Here’s a little sampler from this week’s mailing:

If you’re a bit skint after Christmas and are resorting to drying your teabags on the radiator and milking the cat, then here’s something sure to cheer up both you and your bank manager. Our smoothies are on special offer for the next few weeks in a store near you, meaning you can save a few pennies and walk off that second layer of chocolates. What’s more, since our veg pots are new to Tesco, for the next few weeks you can also save £1 on them too, leaving you free to indulge in one hundred penny sweets, a bag of scampi fries or a ‘sorry’ present for the cat.

Yes, I know, I’ve been babbling about my love affair with Twitter. Even so, I have failed miserably in bringing converts along. As one friend asked, “Why would I want to read about someone having a ham sandwich at the airport?” Fair question. That’s what I thought it would be like, too, so I avoided it for ever so long. Now I’m wiser…and wiser because of Twitter. The folks I’m following post all sorts of fascinating stuff and I find a gem or two every day. Here are three that came my way this past week:

7 Tips for New Twitter Users

from Zen Habits You Can Do Anything in Your Underwear

from Copyblogger How to Stop Being Invisible 

By the way, even if you aren’t writing a blog, I urge you to get acquainted with Copyblogger which has lively articles for anyone interested in communication. 

Jewelry artist and creativity coach Sally Evans shares her insights at Embracing Creativity where she posts articles, suggestions and resources. Check out her Creativity Just for Fun section. Sally’s also offering a terrific e-course called Design Your Inspired Life that’s getting rave reviews from past participants.

Want to take your Muse out to play? Go to Jackson and move your mouse around your screen. Click on your mouse to change colors. Warning: this can be addictive.

Don’t miss Seth Godin’s blog post Time to Start a Newspaper and see where he says the next frontier is.

Finally, there’s still time to join me for my upcoming teleclasses. We’ll be exploring A Beginner’s Guide to the Seminar Business on Monday, January 12 and A Dozen Ways to Build Your Expert Status on Wednesday, January 14. All teleclasses are now being recorded so even if you can’t attend in person, you can still hear the entire class.

A good idea will not become a reality until it has a champion. ~ Colin Powell

3 Responses to “Ideas from Everywhere: Roundup Week 2”

  1. Iris M. Gross

    Hi Barbara,

    I can’t say I share your enthusiasm for Rick Steves – he’s always rubbed me the wrong way, somehow, and frankly I prefer Rudy Maxa’s travel shows. Still, I’ll check the website out, bearing in mind what’s to be learned from it.

    I’m VERY excited about the revision to “Making A Living Without A Job”, though! I still have my well-worn 1993 edition, and a few years ago when I decided to buy a new copy I was dismayed to find the same Bantam book only $4.05 more expensive and in its 25th(?) printing, with absolutely no reference to the Internet, the greatest technological invention ever, and it was 2007! So I ended up keeping the new book and may give it to the Friends of the Library for their book sale, but I’ll keep my 1993 book because all my notes are in it.

    As I have gifted myself with a new iPod for Christmas and birthday, I’m also looking forward to perhaps a future buon viaggio podcast! This may also be a bold suggestion, but I think it’s time “Winning Ways” made the transition to the new century, as well, and became available via PDF.

    Such exciting news on all fronts! I’m glad I stopped by the website today!

  2. Barbara Winter

    Iris, Thanks for your comments. As far as preferring Rudy Maxa to Rick, you brilliantly illustrate what I talk about in my Expert seminar–the role of personality. Different people respond to different styles. Rick’s business model is, however, an extraordinary study in multiple profit centers AND in having a clearly articulated philosophy.
    As for Making a Living being revised sooner, authors don’t make those decisions; publishers do. The basic philosophy hasn’t changed…the Internet is simply an amazing tool that’s opened to door to more possibility. And, of course, the purpose of Winning Ways has always been to bring new resources which can be done more quickly than a book permits.
    I’m going to address your thoughts about Winning Ways in an upcoming ezine since it’s something I’ve given very serious thought to.

  3. Iris M. Gross

    Well, thanks to the publisher for deciding to finally revise “Making A Living”. It’s certainly relevant today – MORESO given our current economic situation – but cleaning up those few reference books that are no longer available, adding good newer books that are, and of course, adding WEBSITES to the mix will certainly help freshen things up a bit. Can’t wait to see it.

    In the meantime, I’ve just gotten my green postcard in the mail today reminding me I’ve forgotten about my newsletter subscription – will be sending that in shortly!

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