Been wondering if you should take time to attend Compelling Storytelling 

or some other Special Event? Here are a few signs that the time is right.


√ You’ve reached all of your goals.

√ You’ve reached none of your goals.

√ You are in need of some fresh ideas.

√ You’d like to get a new perspective from a genuine dreambuilder.

√ Your kids think you’re a nerd and you suspect they’re right.

√ You can’t remember the last time you felt really excited about something.

√ You have more ideas than you know what to do with.

√ You ‘re scared to death of your real dreams.

√ You’re ready for a new adventure.

√ You remember that a change of scenery always refreshes you.

√ You know you’d be inspired by spending time with other dreambuilding entrepreneurs.

√ You aren’t making the kind of progress that you’d like.

√ Nobody ever asks you what’s new.

√ You need time to figure out your next step.

√ You want to be bolder.

√ Resistance is stronger than inspiration.

√ You’re ready to have more fun with your business.

√ You think boring and ordinary are the scariest words in the English language.

√ You want to expand your entrepreneurial network.

√ You believe your dreams are a good investment.

√ Your creative spirit needs a jumpstart.

√ You’re tired of trying to fit someone else’s idea of who you should be.

√ You think Compelling Storytelling sounds like fun.



One Response to “Time to Learn?”

  1. Charla Swift

    As I read this list I can feel my heart starting to boom in my chest. I’m so excited about Compelling Storytelling, meeting new people who share similar passions, returning to Vegas, and most of all reconnecting with the woman who inspires creativity. Barbara, you amaze me at how effortlessly you embrace new experiences. You give me courage to see every event (small or large…planned or unplanned) as a gift. One to be held up to the light, shaken, turned upside down, and really examined to make certain I don’t miss the opportunity which may be hidden inside. It is with relish I board the plane on Dec. 1 to embrace yet another opportunity to be in your delightful company!!

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