Whether you’re sailing around the world or hanging out in your neighborhood coffee shop, click here to share your World Headquarters.

Margaret Winter

Another Pair of Hands, Ventura, CA

I was ripping out a closet in an old house my client was renovating in Portland, Oregon. Demo Day is always great fun!

My business combines my services as a handywoman with DIY instruction for those who want to learn to be handier themselves.

Detta Darnell

A Creative Woman, Suffolk, UK

Taking a group of delicious dreamers on a Dare to Dream Retreat on the yummy island of Kefalonia in Greece where I held retreats for 4 weeks in May and June

Helping others find out what they loved, what they still love, what they would like to love and who they are becoming. Encouraging them to make their dreams more real despite warts wrinkles wobbly bits and other stuff we don’t like.

Annette Washington

Sound Meals Personal Chef Service, Seattle, WA

Last summer, I was a camp chef for C5 (Camp Coca Cola) Teaches kids self esteem , leadership training, and life skills.

I am a personal chef, I cook for families. I now mostly do small parties, am an independent contractor to catering companies as a catering chef, and I do live chef demonstrations for companies.

Sandy Starr

Freelance Artist, Central Florida

This photo was taken at a large resort in the Orlando area. I was invited to provide "atmosphere" for visiting conventioneers by displaying my work and doing a live painting demonstration.

I create oil paintings, acrylic paintings, color pencil drawings, pen and ink renderings, and hand-painted furniture. I also do live painting demonstrations for special events and at a theme restaurant in Orlando's tourist district.

Mary Carter

Bear Chick Originals, Fullerton, CA

Here I am participating at a small art fair at a local craft store called the Tall Mouse, in Cerritos, CA, with a selection of my Fearlessly Colorful jewelry, art and artist trading cards.

I create jewelry and art pieces to add color and happiness to the lives of my customers.

Tara Sitser

John Zipperer & Friends, Encino, CA

Here's my band, John Zipperer & Friends, performing in the beautiful back yard of a home in Santa Clarita, CA as part of the yearly memorial Garden Tour to benefit the Tragedy Assistance for Survivors Program. That's me on the right, John in the center and 81-year-old Eddie "The Spoon Man" on the left.

John Zipperer & Friends plays Eclectic Acoustic music for a variety of events and clients including private parties, restaurants, coffee houses, benefits and will be featured this year at the Roots Music Assoc. Festival in Nov. 2008 in San Marcos, TX.

Marianne Korten

Soul At Work, Amsterdam, Holland

On my way to the park, taking a seat on the canal bridge 30 seconds from my home office with house boats, swans and typical Amsterdam apartments in the background.

Inspire and guide the international community to find the life and career of their dreams via e-learning, coaching, teleseminars to become 21st Century Co-Creators!

John Pompeo

A Mural for all Seasons, Phoenixville, PA

This is my art studio (basement), prior to renovation... last year I had it "finished" and it is my sanctuary!

While I'm building a body of work (original landscapes in oil), I also paint murals and other commissioned paintings for both commercial and residential clients.

Robin Cole Jett

Red River Historian, Lewisville, Texas

I took this photo traveling a back road in Oklahoma, on the hunt for a ghost town. I didn't find much, but did discover an old truss bridge that had been removed and set aside in a field.

My "job" is discovering the history of the Red River Valley that defines the landscapes of Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana. I write books, give presentations, create art with my photographs, and set up my own 'store' at festivals.

Donna Grimstvedt

TimpyWorks, Cumberland, WI

Four soon-to-be-hypertufa-artists attending the final hypertufa workshop of the season being held, as always, in my garage. They are fortifying themselves with nourishment before diving in to create their hypertufa planters and birdbaths.

TimpyWorks - "Helping you create hypertufa garden art and unique jewelry too" - offers workshops and instructional eBooks to help people create (1) garden art and (2) jewelry created from recycled materials and inspired by hypertufa.

Sarah Paul

Amati Chamber Music Kennesaw, GA

Amati Chamber Music specializes in providing classical music for weddings, parties, corporate events, and other special occasions.

Have cello--will travel! While I teach private lessons in my living room to 15-20 cello students each week, I also travel all over Georgia to perform freelance gigs with my string quartet and with various orchestras. The photo is of the cellists is from my students' solo recital last spring.

Dyan deNapoli

The Penguin Lady, Georgetown, MA

Dyan deNapoli, The Penguin Lady
Georgetown, MA

I provide on-site programs about penguin biology, behavior and conservation for kids and adults of all ages, and donate a portion of the proceeds from every program to penguin rescue and conservation groups. I also write about penguins, and Free Press will be publishing a book that I'm writing about my experiences helping to rescue 40,000 penguins from an oil spill in South Africa.

This photo was taken in the Galapagos Islands, where we saw Galapagos penguins up close, as well as sea lion pups, and an abundance of other unique animals. Because the animals in the Galapagos Islands have never been hunted by man, they are very 'tame', making it easy to approach closely and get great photographs of them without making them nervous at all.

Alisa Savoretti

My Hope Chest Foundation Las Vegas, NV

My Hope Chest Foundation was started in 2003 when at 38, I lost my breast to cancer and had to return to dancing in Las Vegas and became known as the "Lop-sided Showgirl". We are a grass-roots 501c3 charity (no paid staff yet) serving breast cancer SURVIVORS who have lost one or both breasts.

We provide FREE surgery to these ladies helping restore their confidence, self-worth and self-esteem so they will at last, truly heal from their cancer journey. With all the attention on breast cancer, we remain the only organization IN THE NATION that is addressing this sector. 😉

This is a picture of our first patient Susie... she was just at 40 when her mom found a story about My Hope Chest in the paper and we named her new "girls" Lavern and Shirley!

Sally Evans

Embracing Creativity and Sally Evans Art Denver, CO

I am a creativity coach and a jewelry artist. I teach and inspire others to live with more creativity and joy through my ezine, e-courses, and coaching.

This is me in my studio where I create my jewelry with inspiring messages and thoughts! I also do a little painting and mixed media art.

Jenny Rolfe

Calon Kore Llantrisant, South Wales, UK

I work as part of a foursome of healers, friends based in the UK whose skills are used separately and together to heal lives.

This is taken in my garden which is my haven, full of birds, trees, a pond and peace.

Jill Morstad

Prairie Skies -- Dog Training for Open Spaces, Lincoln, Nebraska

Prairie Skies is where people learn to talk with dogs, and with each other too! I teach dog training classes all summer and writing and rhetoric the rest of the year -- it's all about communication!

I'm in the foreground holding the clipboard while ten teams of talented dogs and handlers prepare to become Canine Good Citizens.

Dr. Judy Krings

Bariatric Surgery Coaching Puerto Vallarta and Manitowoc, WI

I empower bariatric surgery patients to shed their heavy emotional baggage as they evolve to their new BEST SELF ideal weight.

This photo is taken in my Red Barron bi-plane over Sedona, AR

Anita Larson

The Web Muse Highlands Ranch, CO

Women web designers creating beautiful websites to attract YOUR ideal clients.

Have laptop - will travel! I love to ride in the Rockies.

Christine Burns

Kilmarnock, Ayrshire, Scotland, UK

I offer pet bereavement counseling to owners who are facing losing, or have already lost their beloved companion animals - by one-to-one meetings, telephone, letter or email.

Me how I like to be, sitting quietly with my thoughts.

Helen M. French RN,BSN

Operating Room RN Watching Over You, Virginia

I always wanted to do a BLOG for "patients" in order to educate them about the "issues of surgery" so they did not lose life or limbs!

I ended up having post op needless "surgical risks" which have turned my life upside down.....

I had to quit my work in the operating room because I could no longer tolerate the physical part of the OR work.........so after 33 years in the OR, I had to leave a job and a humanitarian program ( MERCI ) I founded and coordinated for 16 years which I loved, several years before I had planned. SO I started my BLOG earlier than I had planned! 🙂 The Lord works in strange ways so I am taking advantage of any time I have left on this earth! My main regret is my chronic pain that is present everyday besides some other "needless" surgical issues. Life goes on...........my grandchildren keep me "writing" because IT might be them or another member of my family that could inherit the next "surgical risk".

Jeanne Hartman

Actors Detective, Toluca Lake, California

A Hollywood acting coach, now also Hong Kong’s acting coach.

How can I not stay young when I’m surrounded by such talented enthusiastic artists.

Fran Christ

Next Level Skills, New York

With Next Level Skills, I provide “bit by bit” computer training in Excel, Word, Outlook, and PowerPoint, via the Internet. My clients receive one small, easy to follow tip or lesson a week, which they can apply immediately to the work they’re doing. After many years of doing classroom training and seminars, I found this to be by far the most effective way for my clients to learn and apply truly useful day-to-day tips and tricks to speed up their work. The website also has a free question and answer column for help with those quirky little things that crop up in Excel, etc.

I work wherever I swap homes. Here, I’m in Paris (OK – taking a break from work!). Last swap was in Dublin, before that, London, and several other swaps on the west coast of Ireland..

Melissa Lines

SkyLines Farm Sheep & Wool of Idaho, Harvard, Idaho

I'm living out a lifelong dream of being a farmer! In midlife I chucked it all and started raising a few sheep and I'm now managing 50 ewes and their lambs on my 65 acre organic farm in beautiful northern Idaho. My on farm workshops and farm immersions inspire and educate would-be shepherds in the nuances of raising happy healthy animals (and people) in an organic lifestyle.

Here I'm having a quick "hands on" visit with some of my sheep and Great Pyrenees livestock guardian dogs, before moving everybody to a fresh pasture.

Wendy Parker

Wendy Writes Well, Atlanta, Georgia

After 25 years in the newspaper business I am building a new career and a new life as a writer, editor, proofreader and Web project manager. I love helping people express themselves with the written word, and not just for business. I'm proofreading the manuscript of my father's historical novel. It's been an amazing challenge and has given me even more motivation to help connect creative ideas with the right words.

I find tremendous inspiration by gazing out into the woods in my back yard, and it's a real treat on the rare occasion of snowfall, such as it is.

Linda Smith

People-Building And More, Harvard, Idaho

I provide educational programs, retreats, consultation, and professional counseling and social work services. I am also a certified recreational therapist. In addition to this work, I am also a contributing editor for a publication called, Creative Forecasting, Inc. It's resource for activity professionals who work in the long-term care field. My journey with making a living without a job started when I became a care-giver. That was in 1997 and after my caregiving assignments ended, I stayed in the area and created more "work."

I provide services in three different counties, Lafayette, Johnson, and Jackson. I have three different offices that I maintain, plus one at my home.

Holly Hirshberg

The Dinner Garden, San Antonio, Texas

The Dinner Garden gives away free seeds to anyone in the USA who wants to start a garden.

I work in my home sending out seeds to people in need. I spend a lot of time in my living room and working in the garden where we grow produce for our family and community. We write lots of articles and recipes featuring things grown in our garden.

Jason Parker

Jason Parker Music/One Working Musician Seattle, WA

I'm a jazz trumpet player from Seattle, WA. I lead the Jason Parker Quartet and play in a number of other bands. I also blog about the life of the working musician at http://oneworkingmusician.com.

I'm lucky enough to work in cool clubs, concert halls, bars, restaurants, etc. with musicians that I love and respect. This picture of The Jason Parker Quartet was taken at Lucid Jazz Lounge in Seattle, where we play often. It's our "home base" of sorts, and the hippest spot in Seattle.

Lois Freeke

Niche Talent Search, Shanghai, PRC

I left corporate life to set up my own successful "niche" recruitment and career coaching firm. In addition to recruitment, I help those who have been made redundant get back into the work force, and I also help trailing expat spouses and other clients, figure out what they are going to do with their lives, and how to set up and market themselves if they decide to be entrepreneurs.

I work in Shanghai, China and I'm based in Pudong where I run a recruitment and career coaching business.

Cathy Fleming

Viaggi di Gusto (Tours With Taste), Madison, Wisconsin

I offer people an experience of a lifetime. I plan custom culinary, wine and cultural tours to Italy that allow people to experience Italy, its culture and people. Here I am living Italian in Prato (Tuscany), Italy.

Virginia Small

Denver, CO

I am an illustrator, writer, cartoonist and graphic artist.

This is me in my studio.

Rebecca Carroll

Rural Education Services, LLC, Bozeman, Montana

I help kids get into the colleges of their choice and save money by graduating on time. Best part of on line coaching is catching the local events like the Bozeman Christmas Stroll to network and share benefits of educational coaching. Beatrice a "service dog in training" and I take a break near a tree.

Evans Akpo

Evans Foundation, Sacramento, CA

My Business is encouraging young people in my neighborhood how talented and gifted they are in other to channel their energy towards positive services. I do motivational speaking.

Cheryl Bagangan

Inn on Onset Bay

I am an independent contractor, inn manager, retreat planner, and yoga teacher which translates into "never a dull moment" these are a perfect combo for my Gemeni personality! I love inn keeping where I meet all sorts of different people all the time, retreats are life affirming and fun to plan and yoga is a place of nourishment for the mind, body and soul! I love all that I do and more than anything the opportunity to where so many different hats, many times all in one day!
This is me and Oreo my pug in front of the inn!

Gay Hughes

Gay Grace Teas, Natick, MA

I provide tea and other tea fare from a Mobile Tea Truck! It looks like an English cottage on wheels!

Anthony StClair

Anthony St. Clair Writing & Editing

My backyard! When the sun comes out in the Pacific NorthWET, my dog Ella
joins me outside while I work on copywriting and editing projects.

Saying the right thing means everything, so I help publications and
organizations craft the right message for online marketing, website copy,
articles and more.


Brazilian Bikinis

I'm an entrepreneur (home based since 2004) so I could relate to a lot of what you write.

My life story involves several continents but to make a long story short I'm the largest independent distributor of Brazilian bikinis. I just moved to Cyprus after having lived in Brazil for the past 10 years.

Judy Heminsley

Work from Home Wisdom, Frome, England

This is my outside office for late summer afternoons, sitting in the sun catching up with some reading.

I run the blog workfromhomewisdom.com, where people who work from home share tips, experience (good and bad!) and photos.

Jane Snell Copes (Professor Sepoc)

Science Outside the Box

I'm sitting at my desk, getting ready for a science-themed magic show, class, or birthday party.

My whole job is having fun with science. Science Outside the Box is a tiny business that celebrates the scientist in every one of us.

Sally Evans

Sally Evans Art Boulder, CO

This is in my studio where I explore color and texture in paint to share my vision of nature with you.

And it is where I create jewelry that becomes your personal reminder of the beauty in you and around you.

I am passionate about creativity and I love to inspire women to create and play!