Winning Ways

While it’s true that Winning Ways is the longest-running self-employment newsletter (25 years and counting), it’s also intentionally old-fashioned. For starters, it’s print—not electronic—and it arrives via the Postal Service six times a year. Longtime subscribers tell me they hang on to every issue and often go back and consult them for inspiration, ideas, and information.

Each issue is organized around a theme and includes all sorts of useful stuff like book recommendations, profit center ideas, resources and articles to help you build your entrepreneurial thinking. I spend hours exploring the information jungle so I can alert you to the best—and you can spend your precious time building your dreams instead of wading through mediocre resources. Find out for yourself why readers repeatedly tell me, “Winning Ways always arrives just when I need a lift.”

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Outsmarting Resistance CD

Resistance is a universal force that keeps us from following our hunches, turning our dreams into reality and living our biggest life. Resistance sends us on detours—or puts us on a path that is not really our own. While this dreambasher can’t be eliminated, it can be tamed and this popular CD will give you insights and tools for dealing with this insidious force.

66 minutes

Unleashing the Power of Your Expertise CD

There was a time when recognized experts were mostly folks with academic credentials. That’s all changed and today all sorts of people are sharing the expertise they’ve gained through personal experience and exploration. Whether you want to create an information packaging business or create more visibility for yourself and your business, this CD will help you get started.  

66 minutes


Inspiration, Love and Entrepreneurship

While it’s easy to find information on the nuts and bolts information on running a business, the intangible success tools are less frequently discussed. In Inspiration, Love and Entrepreneurship, Nick Williams and Barbara discuss share thoughts on what they’ve discovered about these important ingredients for building an inspired business.



Making Dreams Happen Audio Program with Barbara Sher, Barbara Winter and Valerie Young

Tap Your Wildest Dreams… Find Your True Calling… and Take a Giant Leap Toward a Whole New Life…

Six months from now, you could be doing work you really love… and enjoying the freedom, flexibility, and quality of life you deserve. Find out from experts Barbara Sher, Barbara Winter, and Valerie Young exactly how you can make it happen… starting today.

With the life-changing program, Making Dreams Happen, you don’t need to have a well-defined goal. In fact, you don’t even need to know exactly what your dream is. We’ll teach you…

  • a sure-fire way to banish the “I wish I could, but…” from your vocabulary and replace it with surprisingly productive ideas you probably didn’t know you had in you…

  • the creative secret behind making a living without a job…

  • a shockingly easy, amazingly productive technique to generate fascinating business ideas… and open up an incredible range of positive possibilities for living the life you’ve always dreamed of… 

Over 20 hours of audio in a completely digital version. Download onto your computer, your MP3 player or just listen from any computer with internet access. Learn more at