You have no idea what your newsletter means to me. Winning Ways has sustained me on an inspirational path all through last year when my beloved Dad was diagnosed with advanced inoperable lung cancer in February. We had him until July 24, and although my heart is pierced and his presence is irreplaceable, the sight of those bright, cheery, orange envelopes kept me connected and inspired all the year through. I would feel sad if I didn't see them coming in. I'm only sorry I missed out on all the earlier copies for the last 17 years.

I open your website like a good travel friend on grey days here in Ireland and a quotation or insight will keep me buoyant till the next time. How I love to see e-mails from you, but nothing beats the morning sound of the postman's flop of an envelope on my hall floor.

Thank you for all your inspiration and motivation, may you be truly enriched as you have enriched me.



Thank you for being my muse, guide, butt- kicker, inspiration and primary information center for becoming a successful self-bosser. No doubt there are countless others like me quietly going about their business of self-bossing thanks to the tools you have created.



You were kind enough to give a talk to the London Yes Group in June. As you talked about 'right livelihood' something went 'click' for me and I realized this was what I'd been looking for most of my life. Thanks to you I'm now on the way to setting up my own business as a writer. I've enrolled in a creative writing course to help me along, and am also writing articles for my local newspaper. I'm looking into becoming a tour guide too, as I was born and bred in London and absolutely delight in showing people around. And tons of huge thank-yous for waking up my courage to revive a dream I thought had died.

Jill Spiegel


Thank you so much for being on the show last night—you were outstanding! You have such charisma and an amazing way of reaching people! I have so much respect for you and you work—you are such a gift to the world.

Winning Ways



I get a lot of publications, but Winning Ways is the only one I read cover to cover as soon as it arrives.


New Jersey

I subscribe to many newsletters which pertain to self employment, self publishing, mail order, marketing and so forth and have been doing so since the early 1970's. I rarely renew past five years because of the drop off in quality and rehashed material. I have renewed Winning Ways for a number of years now because your newsletter, much like your book Making a Living Without a Job, is filled with excellent material which I constantly refer to. Both are excellent idea generators for me and have helped me immensely over the years. You are to be commended for your excellent, thought provoking writing.



Thank you for your wise and inspiring words. Please keep sharing your passion for living life to the fullest.



I get a lot of publications, but Winning Ways is the only one I read cover to cover as soon as it arrives.

Joyfully Jobless News

Anita Larson

The Web Muse

Her ezines are written from a truly entrepreneurial heart. They are filled with resources and inspiration for anyone who has their own business or is aspiring to have one. She is a brilliant, fabulous writer. Barbara also publishes a printed newsletter that is just terrific. I have been a subscriber and solid fan for two decades.

Teleclass Participants


New Mexico

Before your teleclass on focus, I was feeling down and my energy felt drained. I wasn't sure what I was supposed to be doing. Then through your class I realized I was excited to put my energy and focus into my dating life and my home. I felt guilty like I was supposed to be putting my energy into my work. But when I went with the flow and put the focus on dating and my home, I felt all energized, even at work 🙂 Thanks for your class. It really has made a significant shift for me, and I'm happy!!



WOW! I left the class, tonight, utterly stoked! Within 5 minutes of hanging up, I had two ideas for businesses, or to add to the businesses I'm already putting together. And when I sought out my favorite clogs, which are, although beautiful, truly uncomfortable, I wrote this: "Life is too short to wear uncomfortable shoes. Working for someone else is, for me, wearing uncomfortable shoes!"



Thank you for that mesmerizing class on How To Support Your Wanderlust. I learned so much and want to rush off and do it all.



Thank you so much for the great teleclass last night! Your mix of positivity and information is so wonderful! It really kickstarts for me both the entrepreneurial gears and just the desire to be an asset to the world while I have the honor to live here. Thanks again so much!!



Just wanted you to know how much I enjoyed your teleclass on resistance. You share so much information, and you are so inspiring and so much fun to listen to. I have spent most of the day moving through the resistance, doing things I've put off doing. It was comforting to know that everyone faces resistance in various forms, but your teleclass targeted in on the specifics of how resistance manifests. You, indeed, are the best of best for sharing and imparting information.



Taking this class tonight was great fun and a real inspiration to keep going, to reunite the entrepreneur in me with the budding artist, and I really thank Barbara Winter for providing the stimulation to keep going.




Thanks again for a mind-blowing, stimulating, and entertaining workshop. It is so much FUN to be a self-bosser!!



Mary and I still speak of you and how the things we learned from you came exactly when we needed them. We are now doing things we only dreamed of when we took your class. We are teaching workshops, writing books and speaking.



I left Las Vegas and knew that I was a changed person; but I didn’t quite understand at that moment how profoundly. It took the next few weeks for me to realize that to really reach my writing goals, I needed to get rid of that ball and chain that had been weighing heavily on me pretty much all my life. And that experience would become part of my story. Thanks again for your influence. I expect my life will be more fulfilling and longer as a result!



All my life I'd been told to focus on one thing, but I never could. I'm an adventurer, a dreamer, an artist, an all-around Renaissance person. I've never felt comfortable in the corporate world, but I did it because "that's what you're supposed to do." Now I see I can do everything I've always dreamed of!


United Kingdom

In a most uplifting and joyful way, Barbara answered questions that I forgot I had and helped me be open to new opportunities again. Her down to earth practical approach was a real revelation.



I have attended various seminars on wealth, personal development, making a fortune in real estate, this, that and the other thing. None can compare to the three hours I spent with you.



You helped me to open up to a whole new way of thinking about work, about life, really. I now have my own little business. The greatest joy for me is that this enterprise has bubbled up out of my life naturally and easily, coming from my heart and soul.



This is the event that helped me move from living as a tortured entrepreneurial soul, to becoming an enlightened, confident and purposeful business creator.



When I went to Barbara's seminar, I was really beginning to wonder why I took the plunge to self employment. I don't wonder anymore. It feels good to be in control of your own destiny and to live with purpose. I appreciate your help on this journey of discovery.



Barbara, you are one of the few people who I am continually inspired by. I am never disappointed when you drop into my mailbox. There's no b.s., or bunch of hype about nothin' -- just straightforward inspiration channeled through your experiences and ideas. One of my favorite things is hearing what's stirring in the mind of a forward-thinking, enthusiastic, entrepreneurial genius!!! I always look forward to knowing your thoughts -- thanks for sharing them with us!


North Carolina

What a great week of learning and reaching for new ideas I had at your fun, intriguing, and inspiring seminar, Compelling Story Telling, in Vegas!

Yes, he who resisted with so much whining about having to go to that god forsaken artificial environment of Las Vegas came away a convert of not only the city and the natural beauty surrounding it, but also of YOU and your winning way of running a damn good seminar even when you felt so under the weather!

Thank you for creating the opportunity for me to see with new eyes the story of my blind rehabilitation practice, Invision Services, Inc! Thank you even more so for allowing me to unearth the real story of my own self and my passion for writing buried under the layers of rock-headed resistance for 30 some years!


United Kingdom

The weekend in Grasmere was mind blowing in its impact for me and it has been what feels like a life changing event. I have felt fully alive and creative as well as alone with feelings of being in a different place from friends and acquaintances. It feels like there is no turning back and that a light has gone on somewhere deep within. Dreambuilders feels like arriving home for me. I don’t think I am the only one. I think your work is vital in the 21st Century.



Thanks for a great seminar. Your enthusiasm is contagious. You have the heart of a storyteller who believes the best stories are true.

Shari Lynn Dintz-Junqueira

Barbara's seminars ARE wonderful - and connecting with her and the other folks who attend them is a treat! I left Barbara's Dallas seminar knowing more about how to make money doing what I was already good at--and already loved to do. And I am now doing just that!