26 Years Old and Still Inspiring New Jobless Adventures

When VW reintroduced the Beetle, one of their ads that always made me smile declared, “If you were good in a previous lifetime, you get to come back as something better.”

That’s pretty much how I’m feeling about the revised and updated Making a Living Without a Job. Not only is there a terrific new resource section, the new version also includes:

  • Forbes-100A lovely intro by Steve Strauss, online columnist for USA Today & author of The Small Business Bible
  • A new chapter called “What Are the Odds in Times Like These?”
  • Updates and new examples in every chapter

You can find it at your favorite bookseller or online, of course including the following:

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USA-Today-LogoYou gotta have multiple profit centers. This is probably my favorite piece of advice and certainly one I have shared several times over the years. It comes from Barbara Winter in her great book, Making a Living Without a Job.

The idea is both simple and important. Just as Starbucks started out selling coffee and now also sells food, music, Frappucinos and so on, so too should you figure out additional ways to generate revenue, aside from your core business. It evens out your business cycle and helps ensure that you will be around for the long run. ​~ Steve Strauss​

Thank you, thank you, thank you!! Your book is exactly what I need right now – I read it over the weekend and am re-reading and highlighting, etc. Have recommended it to at least a half dozen folks, and am so grateful for the practical wisdom, step by step advice, and most of all, for permission, finally, to do totally unrelated things! You cannot imagine how much I appreciate that! ~ Ingrid Johnson, BabyParentingCoach.com

I couldn’t be happier about the new updated version of Making a Living Without a Job by my friend and frequent collaborator Barbara Winter. I would have said new and “improved” but it is hard to improve on perfection. Barbara has added some great new sections on how to find opportunities in a chaotic economy, using the Internet and Social Networking to open the door, and how to leave employee thinking behind for an entrepreneurial mindset. Even if you own Making a Living Without a Job, this new version is a must have on any aspiring or inspired entrepreneurs bookshelf! ~ Valerie Young, ChangingCourse.com

I am blown away and even though I have read the original numerous times, the new edition has so many new stories, ideas and resources to inspire, my head is spinning.

I even thought about sending a copy to the President. He could use it as a blueprint to empower and inspire the nation – a nation that was founded on the entrepreneurial spirit. In reality this book should be mandatory reading in every high school and college and every adult education program

This book could change your life!!

~ Sandy Dempsey, TheDreamingCafe.com

If you’re a career changer who’s recently started down the path of self-employment, you’re probably discovering what we veteran self-bossers have learned from experience. Most of the time, being your own boss is everything it’s cracked up to be, offering autonomy, decision-making power, unlimited learning and earning potential, flexible hours, dress code, office environment, yada yada yada. But not every day is like that. Some days, there’s just a little too much “self” in “self-employment”; some days, you need a little outside support, perspective, and inspiration — preferably from someone who’s been there, survived that. Some days, you need a little Barbara Winter.

New self-bossers, veterans who could use an infusion of inspiration, anyone trying to make a living without a J.O.B.: do yourself and your bottom line a favor, and get Making a Living Without a Job, the ultimate guide to creative, inspired self-employment.

~ Sherrill St. Germain, New Means Financial Planning

Today’s tip: I am sent plenty of business books and read a lot of them. Over the next few weeks, I would like to share in this space some of the best that I have come across recently.

To start, for a couple of reasons, I highly recommend the newest edition of Barbara Winter’s classic, Making a Living Without a Job.

This great book shows anyone how they too can become “joyfully jobless.” In a different life, when I was the unhappiest lawyer in the land working for the big firm, this book helped me plan my escape. It changed my life, and it can change yours.

In the years since, Barbara Winter has become my friend and I was privileged enough to be asked to write the forward to the new edition.

Steve says check it out!

~ Steve Strauss, Mr.AllBiz, USA Today online

Honestly, I just wanted to write to tell you that your book made a huge impact on me. I am unfortunately a self-help junkie, and read books of varying subjects under the heading of self-help all the time.

I connected with you as a person, and as an author. I very rarely contact authors of books I read because like a true scanner, I am worried that making that firm of a connection to something would tie me to it!

But your book is worth the exception. It is incredible work. Really it is. It contains so much more than what the title implies. The combination of personal insight, and wisdom gathered from others (expert research, as almost every page contained a quote that I wanted to write down and live by) was masterful and I just can’t stop thinking about it. I pray that I am able to take action and do something with the information, a step that admittedly the vast majority of other books I’ve read on the subject have come up short on.

~ Clint Herring, VA

I have read your fantastic book Making a Living without a job and I would like to thank you so much for your help! It was one of the best books I have ever read on the subject of being my own boss.

I come from Slovakia, a post communist country where I was brought up believing the state will take care of me. Going from one corporate job to another I was coming home late in the evening everyday not having time for anything else. In first ten years after school I believed this is the way how it should be, working for somebody else, building a career. Only after some time I have realised I have destiny in my own hands and I don’t have to sit in front of the computer all day long in a job I hate.

I have moved to the Netherlands with my partner and I was struggling to find a job. Now I have ended up in a job which I truly hate from all before. This job made me realise its time to finally do it, and after I have read your book I made a business plan and next month I am going to start my own portable career.

I bought some other books but they were most like dry manuals probably written by some bankers ;~ They did not have that soul searching bit I was looking for. You have become my friend,my guide, my inspiration through your words, quotes, advices and exercises. You have made a difference in my thinking and my future path.

~ Andrea Zátoriová