I get excited about small businesses that are run with
passion so that’s what I recommend in my guidebooks.
Rick Steves

Here are more than a dozen fellow travelers worth meeting.

Barbara Russelll Pitts & Mary Russell Sarao


This dynamic sister duo are the inventors of Ghostline Poster Board. Now they share their expertise with other would-be inventors through books and their Web site.

Lee Silber


Lee’s a surfer dude turned successful entrepreneur. He’s done a brilliant job of showing creative folks that they can be entrepreneurial, too.



I love getting their weekly mailings about new business ideas spotted around the world. They especially love reporting about social entrepreneurs and eco-friendly ideas.

Clare Bean and Morgan Siler


When these feisty young mothers couldn’t find good resources for single parents online, they created their own community. Lots of useful resources on all aspects of single parenting, including work.

Innocent Drinks


I don’t know their names (they seem to be a bit private or, perhaps, it’s because their British) and have never tried their smoothies, but I look forward to the hilarious e-mailings from Fruit Towers, their headquarters in the UK. Their marketing is utterly brilliant.

Dave Courvoisier


After I met Dave, I started reading his blog out of curiosity, even though I’m not a voice artist, as is he. Of course, if you’re interested in that business, you’ll love his resources; I read it, however, for his insights on becoming entrepreneurial.

Seth Godin


Despite being a bit peripatetic, Seth’s a fountain of insight and ideas that are worth listening to if you want to succeed in the 21st Century. Sign up for his daily blog postings. You won’t regret it.

Chris Guillebeau


I enjoy his Art of Non-conformity blog which tracks Chris’s travels around the world and exploration into unconventional ideas about work and life.



I’m a huge supporter of Kiva. which has created a brilliant system for making micro-loans to budding entrepreneurs throughout the world. For as little as $25, you can help someone start or expand their business. Best of all, you get to choose the recipient.

Joan Stewart


This former reporter has become a friend to entrepreneurs and experts by sharing her creative ideas about generating publicity. Her e-mailings are loaded with useful suggestions, no matter what your business is about.

Rick Steves


Rick’s travel empire isn’t exactly small, but he’s still one of my favorite models for how to build a business one step at a time by clearly articulating your own point of view.

Valerie Young

Changing Course

Valerie Young—Chock-a-block isn’t an expression you hear very often these days, but it perfectly describes Valerie’s ChaingingCourse.com where you’ll find terrifically useful information for discovering a new direction. Be sure to check out her Fast Track program and sign up for her biweekly e-mailings.