One of my favorite exercises in The Popcorn Report is the Universal Screen Test. As author Faith Popcorn explains, this is a simple way of taking an idea and holding it up against the major trends.

Is the idea of making a living without a job, for instance, riding the horse in the direction the horse is going? Let’s look.

Cashing Out: Absolutely. The movement  away from working for large corporations and doing work that is satisfying—even if less lucrative—is the wave of the future.

Cocooning: Right on-trend again. Creating a homebased business gives us more time in our own cocoons.

Down-Aging: There are many aspects to this trend including a sense of playfulness. Down-agers want a sense of fun about their work and will ignore ideas about retirement age. On trend here, too.

Egonomics: What could be a more personal statement than creating work that’s an extension of who you are and what you care about? Pass again.

Fantasy Adventure: Our new desire to test the unknown in ways that are safe but exciting makes stepping out on our own a perfect way to live our dreams. We take the prompting of our imagination seriously.  On trend.

99 Lives: Regaining control of our time and lives leads us to self-bossing as a partial solution. Multiple roles might be part of self-employment, but the pace will be less frantic. A+ on this one.

S.O.S.: What better way to put your own values, passions and social concerns into action. Yes, to this trend.

Small Indulgences: Every successful entrepreneur learns the value and joy of rewarding themself in small ways. This trend could also suggest many product ideas.

Staying Alive: Knowing what we do about job-related, stress-induced illnesses, how could any health conscious person NOT work for themself? Major on-trend.

The Vigilante Consumer: Changing the way things are done sometimes involves doing it yourself. Some vigilantes will discover their most effective weapon is being an honest businessperson. This ethic will spill over into the way we all run our enterprises.

According to my calculations, self-bossing receives a perfect 10! Way to go Joyfully Jobless trendsetters.

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