When I was digging around in my office this morning, I came across an old scrapbook that I hadn’t viewed in years. It was filled with memories of places I’d been and people I’d spent time with about twenty years ago.

One of my favorite discoveries was a letter I’d written to the editor of Minnesota Monthly magazine. I’ll let it speak for itself. I wrote:

As a one-person business and self-employment advocate, I was delighted to see the cover story on “Making It Small” in your July issue. Like the people spotlighted in your article, I am ferociously devoted to keeping my business human-scaled and giving passion a higher priority than profit.

When I began some twenty years ago, I found it impossible to find any information that didn’t assume all entrepreneurs wanted to create a gigantic enterprise.

Did I really want a building with my name in six-foot high gold letters? A board of directors? Stockholders? Employees? Pension plans?

None of that appealed to me and for a brief moment, I thought I’d gotten on the wrong train.

But I had a hunch that it was possible to create a livelihood that was both satisfying and profitable. And I have. Thank you for showing your readers that small is still beautiful.


If I were writing that letter today, it would say the same thing. My passion for small scale enterprise has never waned. That’s why I’m so eager to share what I’ve learned in my upcoming event, Small, Sassy & Successful.

And if you share my passion for creating a business that uses your imagination more and your pocketbook less, please join me. I’ll be sharing my very best discoveries for building a business that fits you perfectly.




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