In Living Out Loud,  Keri Smith’s a fun book of creative exercises, she writes, “In recent years lifestyle stores have become the rage selling products related to all aspects of living, eating, decorating, bathing, sleeping and dressing.

“If you were to open your own lifestyle store, what would you sell?”

Here’s how I answered that question.

The first thing you notice when you walk up the stone path to the sprawling English cottage that houses Cottage Industry is that the front yard is a luscious garden where flowers and vegetables grow side by side.

Pass under the rose-covered archway and you’ll enter a large room that resembles a comfy old library. You’ll be greeted by the faint smell of nag champs incense and soft music.

There are shelves of books and inviting chairs for browsing. Each corner has a different subject:
there are personal growth books in the Taking Care of the Boss corner, and eclectic mix of favorite authors in the Kindred Spirits corner.

In another are helpful books for Making a Living Without a Job and in the fourth corner  you’ll find books to Feed Your Wanderlust.

Vintage travel posters hang on the walls and favorite quotes are painted over the doorways.

Shelves in the center of the shop hold a collection of tools for creative entrepreneurs. You’ll find arty file folders, kaleidoscopes and framed quotations to add to the decor in your own World Headquarters.

But Cottage Industry isn’t just about stuff. It’s also about stuff happening. Walk toward the back and you’ll enter a glass conservatory known as The Idea Room overlooking another garden. Tea and coffee and treats are served in this room that invites gathering to brainstorm ideas.

Another large room to the left, known as the Follow Through Center, serves as a perfect setting for classes and coaching. 

I like to think of Cottage Industry as a spa for your imagination.

Do you have any idea how much fun that was for me to write? Try it for yourself. As Smith urges, “”Make a list of what it would contain. Draw pictures of what it would look like. What items best represent you? Come up with a name for your store.”

Feel free to rave about your store in the comment section below.

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