Every year more than a million Americans—and thousands of people in other countries—embark on the entrepreneur’s journey. Yet this renaissance of self-employment remains a Quiet Revolution. It’s time to start making some noise.

Banners and bumperstickers will have to wait. This revolution needs to begin with getting informed. Get the big picture. Load up on facts. Make it your hobby to learn about as many entrepreneurs as you can.

Here’s a question I’ve been stumping my friends with lately: “What percentage of all businesses in the United States qualify as micro-businesses with 1-5 people working in them?” The answer surprises everyone—including me.

According to the Small Business Administration 93% of all US firms are micro-businesses. Yes, 93%!

And how much do you think home based businesses contribute to the US economy? Would you believe $500 trillion? That’s what the Bureau of Statistics says.

Happily, this is a global revolution. A case in point is an article from London’s Evening Standard which reported that 300,000 people in the UK choose to become self-employed in a single year.

While the numbers keep going up every place, there’s a lot more we could be doing on behalf of this revolution to make it even bigger and stronger. Let’s consider some practical ways.

There have been several movements in recent times to encourage families to start having dinner together again. Take this a step farther. Whether you have children or dine with a spouse or partner, how about making dinnertime idea time?

Instead of just reporting on the day’s activities, use this time to share ideas, sharpen creative problem-solving skills, and share stories about adventurous people. Make it interesting enough and it will be a daily highlight with everyone learning.

“I prefer revolution to war,” mused Proust. “At least in a revolution only those go who want to.” Yes, revolutionaries are volunteers, not recruits, and that certainly describes us.

So be an active volunteer.

Adopt a guerrilla stance. For years, Jay Conrad Levinson has been training us through his bestselling books to do just that. What is this philosophy? It’s unconventional ways of achieving profits with minimum expenditure. When it comes to marketing, guerrillas rely more on creativity than cash to produce results. When it comes to living, guerrillas rely on creativity too.

Band together with other guerrillas to advance the cause. Be generous in sharing your experiences. Be militaristic in supporting other small businesses. Be courageous in sharing the joys and rewards of self-employment with others. Bravely declare yourself a dream building entrepreneur.

As Guy Kawasaki points out, “Entrepreneur is not a job title. It’s the state of mind of those who want to alter the future.”

Viva la Revolución!

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