This past weekend I did my first seminar series of 2016. In the nearly thirty years that I’ve been a gypsy teacher, this is a startling contrast to my previous years when I was teaching every month.

This unusual experience began with the evil virus I contracted in March. Not only did I have to cancel several events, I was unwilling to book future classes not knowing when or if I would recover.

As I headed to Sacramento I was filled with trepidation. Would I remember how to do this? Had I gotten rusty?

Fortunately, my classes had delightful participants and I savored being back in my natural habitat.

I was also encouraged by a mailing done by author and speaker Tosha Silver a few weeks ago. She wrote, “If you feel like you’ve been through the mill this year, oh my, no, you’re not crazy.

“All through 2016, we’ve been in a profound and often deeply challenging death and rebirth on many dimensions. I write this days after a major solar eclipse in Virgo; up next is a big lunar eclipse in Pisces on September 16.

“Both these events start a ‘refilling’ after an important ’emptying’ that’s dominated most the year, through endless retrogrades and preparation. In a way, you could say the pot has been agonizingly cleaned to the bottom and is ready to cook.

“You may feel like your inspiration and vitality is finally returning, even if it’s just in the earliest stage. (And if not, don’t worry, movement is likely on the way.)

“Personally, I’m happy to be ready to teach in person again. (No matter how often people asked for this in 2016, I was totally stopped). So I’ll be doing the first small, private class in ten months in NYC on October 1.”

When I read that I took a deep breath and thought, “Aha. So it wasn’t just me.”

I also reminded myself of the memorable line of Zora Neale Hurston’s Their Eyes Were Watching God. “There are years that ask questions and years that answer.”

Seems like I’ve been in the asking year. I can’t wait to encounter the answer.

How about you?

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  1. Christine

    Wow, my year was so much like this too! Comforting to see it placed into the next described here. Glad you’re back on your feet!

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