When it comes to inspiration, we must invite it in—and seek it out. The more aware you are of the things you find inspiring, the easier it is to tap into those sources.

Don’t wait until you’re feeling stuck or frustrated or cranky before you get a lift.

Inspiration is highly personal so know what feeds yours.

Here are some simple ways to help you live from an inspired place.

° Practice meditation. Practicing meditators tend to have better access to their inner fountain of wisdom and inspiration.

° Build a small collection of movies that you find inspiring and visit them from time to time. Favorites like Amelie or About a Boy can lift your spirits over and over again.

° Design regular learning projects that challenge you to stretch yourself. Learn a new language or acquire a skill that surprises you.

° Discover the happy, successful entrepreneurs in your midst and watch them at work in their natural habitats.

° Find the books that always speak to your highest self and keep them close at hand.

° Identify the three most inspiring people you know and see to it that you spend time in their presence as frequently as possible.

° Help someone else solve a problem and see how inspired you feel afterwards. Repeat often.

° Browse in a place you don’t normally go. Visit a hardware store or buy a magazine you’ve never read. See if you can figure out why someone else has an enthusiasm for a sport or hobby you’ve never considered.

° Remember that rigid routine is the enemy of inspiration. So are negative people. Both can creep up if we aren’t setting personal boundaries.

° Collect favorite quotes, make a vision board, fill your personal space with images of things that you love.

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