Recently I got an email with a familiar question. It said, “Your book is brilliant. Is there an update planned?”

I wrote back explaining, as I always do, that Making a Living Without a Job is about philosophy, not how-to, and updating isn’t necessary.

Upon further consideration, however, I realized that Winning Ways newsletter really is an on-going update to the ideas in the book.

Are you a candidate for this bi-monthly publication?

Here are some signs that it would be a perfect fit for you:

You’re interested in new resources and stories that inspire.

There’s room for one more on your cheering squad.

You sometimes catch yourself backsliding.

You’re overwhelmed by the avalanche of info on the internet.

You’re not sure how to recognize a snake oil salesman.

You suffer from Adventure Deficit Disorder.Y

You’ve discovered that inspiration isn’t vaccination.

You’re always on the lookout for ideas to add to your option bank.

You have no objection to being inspired.

Seeing WW in your mailbox reminds you that you mean business.

You love the notion of being a lifelong learner.

You know it’s important to invest in tools that will help build your dream.

You’ve learned that philosophy is more valuable than questionable success formulas.

You like having a permanent resource of ideas that won’t be forgotten on a computer file.

You’ve been repeatedly warned that self-employment is the place where there be dragons.

You know you’re a good investment.

Subscribe today and I’ll send you the July/August issue as a bonus. Your official subscription, however, will begin with September/October.

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