Happy New Year! Even if you don’t consider September the start of a new year as I do, you can use this idea to start the new month or phase of your life.

I wouldn’t dream of starting a new year or a new project without deciding first what my theme is. After all, a party is just a party—until you give it a theme. Then your creative imagination goes to work finding ways to illustrate that them, as well as eliminating what doesn’t fit.

A theme can put your entrepreneurial efforts on track and keep them there. It could be a single word or a phrase that becomes your motto. Doing so will help you gain clarity and focus. When planning your time or making a decision, a quick check will reveal if your choice adds or detracts from the theme you’ve declared. 

Here are a few them possibilities to consider, but they’re only a starting point.

Travel Light
Explore More
Make Connections
Build Strength
Do It Easy
Visible Abundance
No Limits
Daily Laughter
More Magic
Wildly Creative
Amaze Myself
Welcome Opportunity
Keep Moving
Back to Basics
Fully Engaged
Dream Bold
Catch the Spirit
New Adventures


Nothing in the universe is neutral. It either costs or it contributes. ~ Stewart Emery

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  1. Sandy

    Along the same lines, from Mark Victor Hanson: “September 22nd is an important date as it marks the 100 day countdown of 2008.” He talks about taking advantage of this and using goal setting to achieve what you want and end the year heading in your own direction…One of your ‘secrets’.

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