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As you read this issue, think about these insightful words from Oliver Wendell Holmes:

Every calling is great when greatly pursued.

Barbara at Buckingham Shortly after my daughter Jennie graduated from college, I noticed a change in her. News that would have been greeting with an "Oh, wow!" in the past was met with a shrug or a grunt. Nothing seemed to excite her. When I mentioned my concern to my sister, she said, "I don't think you need to be worried. I was like that when I was in my twenties trying to send the message, 'I've seen better,' so people would think I was worldly."

Happily, the enthusiastic Jennie eventually returned, but not everybody passes through their blasť phase so quickly. Some people make it a lifetime policy to be unimpressed and unexcited about everything that life has to offer. While they may think that they're displaying superior intelligence by their perpetually disapproving attitude, they're really repelling others (including customers and clients) from their life. Being around the terminally bored is like being in a room lit by 25 watt light bulbs. It's strangely uncomfortable and there's a natural impulse to want to move into a brighter space.

Of course, many people have brief moments of excitement if they make a big sale, buy a winning lottery ticket or get invited to a reception at the White House. These are temporary responses, however, and once the moment has passed, so has their enthusiasm.

Genuine enthusiasm isn't a temporary response to short-lived good fortune: it's a way of dealing with whatever life offers up. It is actually an expression of a grateful and awe-filled attitude. Most critically, it's a cultivated behavior - like good manners. The chronically cranky don't understand that they're doing it to themselves. On the other hand, the perpetually enthusiastic know that their attitude is a powerful weapon against boredom, frustration and intolerance so they take great care to protect it.

Unlike good manners, which are totally learned behavior, enthusiasm arrives with us at birth. Watch any two-year-old exploring the world around them and you'll see wide-eyed enthusiasm in action. Unfortunately, many people believe that the role of parenting is about dampening enthusiasm, not fanning it, so too many of us arrive at adulthood with our enthusiasm dimmed and diminished. Therefore, if we are to approach our lives with enthusiasm and vigor, we need to learn how to light our own fire.

That may be easier than you think. Since enthusiasm is an innate quality residing in each of us, we can decide to release it and allow it to propel us through our lives. We can also discover for ourselves what nurtures our enthusiasm and make an effort to bring more of that into our lives. Conversely, we also need to identify those situations that diminish our zest and either eliminate them or find a workable way to include them with enthusiasm.

If you want to create a business that is rich, full and filled with wonder, start by releasing this magical power. Do so and you'll discover first hand what Charles Kingsley was talking about when he said, "We act as though comfort and luxury were the chief requirements of life, when all that we need to make us really happy is something to be enthusiastic about."

Nothing makes me more excited than watching a seminar participant bring a dream to life. One such new business is Play by Play Bookstore opened by Kelly Schaub in St. Paul to create a gathering place for theater lovers, as well as folks in the neighborhood near 1771 Selby Avenue. Not only is she stocking new and used books, the store also carries gifts and has free wi-fi and coffee. That's just the beginning, however. If you're in the area, stop by and see what's happening.

Another exciting event on the horizon is Kathie Kelling's upcoming workshop, Evoking Your Passion, taking place in early June in the lovely countryside of western Ireland. In the land of Guinness and storytelling, you'll have time to explore your own story. Then write a new chapter.

It's nearly impossible to create a business that's perfect if you haven't made creative self-discovery a high priority. Thanks to Sandy Dempsey's Dreaming Cafe, you can connect with others on the same journey. Sandy's also making plans for hosting learning adventures to go along with her popular Journaling for Self-Discovery teleclasses. By all means, pay a visit to the Dreaming Cafe and sign up for Sandy's free weekly newsletter which shares ideas and resources.

For the past year, I've felt like a nag trying to convince people to jump on the Twitter bandwagon. I just know that the people I'm meeting there have enriched my life enormously, people I'd never have encountered, perhaps, in any other way. One of those people is the talented writer Sonia Simone who wrote a terrific piece called 10 Things to be Grateful For. It's a fine reminder to entrepreneurs that we are living in fascinating times.

I'm also adding all sorts of new things over at Joyfully There are two new business idea articles. One's on Turning Personal Experiences into Profit Centers and the other is Adventures in Housesitting. There's also a nifty new postcard from a woman who has left boring jobs behind. Plans are also underway to add a whole new section for those of you looking for ideas for supporting your wanderlust.

This month's theme at Buon Viaggio blog is Closing the Gap. I'll be sharing ideas for getting from where you are to where you want to go. C'mon over.

new cover Many of you took advantage of my first ever sale on Winning Ways subscriptions. Thank you so much. The next issue will be in the mail any day now. I'm just waiting for the UPS driver to show up at my door.

And if you want to fuel some Joyfully Jobless spirit by giving an autographed gift copy of Making a Living Without a Job, be sure to place your order before December 10.

You'll also find some of my favorite books for creative entrepreneurs on the book list page at After all, the Joyfully Jobless Journey is like any other adventure and is made easier with guidebooks.

If you came to the end of the holidays last year saying, "Thank goodness that's over," you might decide to do things a bit differently this year. You'll have more enthusiasm for the festive days ahead if you take time to take good care of yourself, pace yourself and inspire yourself every day.

Buona fortuna,


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