October 12, 2012 
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Dear Lisa,
Everyone who has ever taken a shower has had an idea. It's the person who gets out of the shower, dries off, and does something about it that makes a difference. ~ Nolan Bushnell 
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Barbara a the Cafe October has always been my favorite month. Besides being the one in which I celebrate my birthday, there's always some nice momentum going at this time of the year. So far, there has been cause to celebrate every day of this October.


In addition to some wonderful collaborations on the horizon, a couple of long term projects are nearing completion, and even JoyfullyJobless.com is taking on a new appearance. Equally exciting is hearing from people I've worked with who are boldly bringing their dreams to life.


This entire year has also been filled with the most wonderful-and eclectic-reading material. I recently came upon a book that's been around for a few years, but was quite new to me. It's called You've Got To Read This Book, a collection of essays from 55 people who share a story about a book that changed their life.


Not all of the contributors are well-known, but all of their stories are worth reading beginning with the opening one by writer Jacquelyn Mitchard.


Of course, my own reading list has grown dramatically after hearing these stories. Many of them are reminders of that wonderful observation by Thoreau: "How many a man (or woman) has dated a new era in his life from the reading of a book! The book exists for us, perchance, that will explain our miracles and reveal new ones."


There are hundreds of perfectly smart reasons to be Joyfully Jobless, not the least of which is that people who are doing work that they love tend to be more loving and joyful.


One time after I'd visited my Aunt Marge, she sent me a letter that said, "The Bible says a merry heart doeth good like a medicine. That's how I feel when you come to see me."


Besides that fact that it was one of the nicest letters I ever got, it's remained a powerful reminder of why it's important to stay merry. Here are some of my favorite ways to bring more fun and joy into a business.   

  • Specialize in Firsts. Challenge yourself to do things you've never done before. It can be as simple as trying a new food or taking a yoga class. Or it might be trying out a new marketing tool.

    This is harder to do than you may think since we humans tend to build habits and then operate in familiar territory. Having Firsts requires conscious, creative effort.
  • Exercise your entrepreneurial thinking to keep it in shape. You build entrepreneurial muscle by studying other enterprises, by acquiring new skills, by taking risks. Just like physical exercise, it needs to be a daily activity if you want maximum results.
  • Don't be afraid to be whimsical. Small businesses should not look like miniature corporations. Lighten up. Create a costume and wear it when you work or exhibit at a trade show. Have toys or a guitar in your office for play breaks.

    And if whimsy's not your style, from time to time purposely do something out of character.
  • Celebrate all victories. Jim Rohn told a story about his early days in business and how he'd take his family out for dinner and say, "Tonight we're ordering from the left side of the the menu. Pay no attention to prices." He said it helped him stay on track.

    Find your own way to celebrate milestones and progress. Send yourself flowers or invite a friend on an outing. Don't let victories-large or small-go unnoticed.
  • Plan Joyfully Jobless get togethers. Find 5 other self-bossers that like each other and let each one plan a monthly gathering, just to have fun.

    You could find yourself salsa dancing one month and picnicking in a park the next. Hanging out with other entrepreneurs can be a lovely tonic, but don't wait for somebody else to get things rolling.
  • Turn ordinary chores into satisfying rituals. Got bills to pay? Instead of gritting your teeth, light a candle, put on some lovely music, pour a cup of tea and make it an event.

    Slow down and express gratitude for your current abundance.

    Make the mundane marvelous as often as you can.
  • Stay focused on rewards. On snowy days in Minnesota, my Joyfully Jobless friends and I would call each other to rejoice that we didn't have to drive on bad roads. We continue to remind each other of the benefits of our chosen lifestyle.

    Keep a running list of all the rewards that you enjoy because you're self-employed. Post it in your workspace and remind yourself often of the benefits and pleasures of this lifestyle.
  • Support that which supports you. This has been my personal and business policy for a long time and it hasn't failed me yet.

    For example, I give top priority to supporting the self-bossers who support me. I love writing about people who subscribe to Winning Ways newsletter, attend my seminars and teleclasses.

    Supporting that which supports you also influences how you take care of yourself, who you hang out with, what causes you contribute to financially.

    You get the idea.
  • Expect the unexpected. Businesses often surprise us with new opportunities and directions. While this may be upsetting to control freaks, true entrepreneurs delight in it.
  • Change the scenery. The creative spirit flourishes when exposed to new people and places. Whether that means taking your laptop to the park for a morning writing session or attending a weekend seminar, give yourself the benefit of working in different ways.

    Rigid routine is the enemy of creativity.
  • Be kind. When we commit an act of kindness our endorphin level goes up. Likewise, when we receive a kindness it raises our levels.

    However, studies have also found that if we merely witness an act of kindness, it raises endorphin levels too.

    Go ahead and spread some kindness around


"Ideas are the beginning points of all fortunes," said Napoleon Hill. "Ideas are the products of the imagination."


Now that the Industrial Age is waning, social scientists are suggesting that the world of the future might be called the Idea Age. Are you ready to flourish in this exciting time?


Even though we all know that businesses are born from ideas, most of us aren't so sure what to do with those ideas. It's not that ideas are so mysterious, but we might be lacking a few simple tools that we need to get our ideas out into the world.


My new seminar, Become a Great Idea Detective, is loaded with information about finding, nurturing and bringing ideas to life. Whether you have an idea surplus or a shortage, if you're in the Denver area, I'd love to have you join me for this lively event on Friday evening, October 26.


You'll leave with all the tools you need to make things happen. If you want to build a better business, don't miss this important program.


For more details, click on the link below.

Become a Great Idea Detective 


On October 10, I woke up to the most wonderful surprise in my mailbox. Unbeknownst to me, Marianne Cantwell had been busily working from her current locale in Bali to create a little video that took my breath away. With her permission, I am delighted to share it with you.


Oh, and you'll need to have the password: adventure. https://vimeo.com/freerangehumans/babsbirthday

Buon Viaggio,


Barbara Winter

Barbara Winter 


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