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As you read this issue, think about these insightful words from Joseph Henry

The seeds of great discoveries are constantly floating around us, but they only take root in minds well prepared to receive them.

Barbara and Jenny On Tuesday evening, I Skyped my sister Margaret. Usually I find her serenely sitting in her favorite chair working on a fascinator. This time she looked like she'd just come back from the gym. I asked about her appearance and she said she'd had a sweaty job that afternoon so had just come out of the shower. She was talking about her handywoman service, Another Pair of Hands. Later in the call, she mentioned that her hands smelled funny. I asked what was causing that and she said, "Whatever was in that woman's drain I cleaned out today."

It's not her handywoman business that has us whooping and hollering today, however. Margaret was named Best Local Hairdo Thingie Designer by the Ventura County Star, her local paper. We got a sneak peek at the nice write-up last night. We also have loved watching her new handywoman/fashionista life unfold. I told her story a couple of months ago on my blog, but decided to share it here because it's a powerful reminder of why passion matters. Here's how it began:

Since starting her business earlier this year, Margaret has acquired feathers, jewels, fabrics and combs of all shapes and sizes. She's also acquired two rescue dogs that need a lot of attention. Happily, she can combine both in her living room.

A few days ago, she and I were having one of our frequent Skype chats (where she often shows me the latest creations she's working on) and for some reason the conversation turned to the subject of resumes and cover letters. Margaret suddenly looked thoughtful and said, "I'd be working on my resume right now if I hadn't found the feather."

"If I Hadn't Found the Feather could be the title of your autobiography," I joked. She laughed, too, but is quite aware that this happy enterprise has made a huge difference in her life. Her perpetual enthusiasm is downright contagious.

Like many wonderful enterprises, this one seemed almost accidental. Last fall, Margaret's daughter had a friend who was getting married. Alexis, the bride, asked Margaret to make a fascinator for her to wear at the wedding. I'm not sure if Margaret knew much about fascinators at the time (I was oblivious until she introduced me), but she found the experience so delightful that she bought a few feathers, some veiling and began creating a few more. Then she had some new ideas and turned those into hair ornaments. Suddenly, she was headed in a new direction.

This is a business that's being built on resourcefulness. Margaret's daughter Gretchen shared her enthusiasm and offered to build a Web site for her. Gretchen rounded up some friends and a photographer and scheduled a photo shoot. In its brief lifetime, Over the Top Fascinators has had disappointments and detours, but Margaret's passion has moved it right past those interruptions.

Watching my youngest sister evolve as an entrepreneur got me thinking about tiny Bhutan, a small country in the Himalayas. Bhutan is an unlikely place for the birth of an international trend, yet its policy of determining success based on Gross National Happiness has gotten the attention of leaders from around the world. The term was coined by Bhutan's King Jigme Singye Wangchuck, when he ascended the throne in 1972. GNH defines prosperity based on spiritual well-being and environmental responsibility rather than consumption. Imagine that--building prosperity that takes into account personal happiness and well-being. And to think it could start with finding the feather.

I have talked a lot about how self-employment forces us to examine our relationship with money. But it's really more than just financial considerations that make for a prosperous life. As Coco Chanel said, "There are people who have money and people who are rich."

If living rich is important to you, I urge you to join Alice Barry on her upcoming teleclass Growing Into Prosperity. Like me, Alice has consciously worked to create a healthy attitude about prosperity and is eager to share what she's learned--and to share her teacher in that journey.

If you're serious about conquering your money issues and understanding how to create a prosperous, natural and comfortable relationship money and all of your resources, don't miss this interview-style teleclass featuring Mickey Mikeworth, a welfare-to-work success story and financial advisor who has actually mastered prosperous growth. Join Alice and Mickey (and me as a participant) on Tuesday, September 22, 8 PM Eastern, 5 PM Pacific. You'll be richer for doing so!

Growing Into Prosperity

After years of abuse at the hands of another major airline, flying Southwest Airlines has become a bonus of living in Las Vegas. I was wildly excited when I learned that I could now fly with them to Minneapolis so looked forward to my trip there last week.

Moments after sitting down, I decided to check out their in-flight magazine (which is always full of great stuff.) I almost let out a whoop when I saw that the theme of the current issue is Make Your Bright Idea Bear Fruit: Entrepreneur Guide. (You can check it out online by clicking on the link below.)

Then I laughed out loud reading Jay Heinrichs editorial which begins, "There are two kinds of people in the world: entrepreneurs and naysayers. I belong to the second group. In my own experience, one characteristic distinguishes entrepreneurs from naysayers: Entrepreneurs never follow the advice of people like me. Not to brag, but I've personally naysayed some of the finest business ideas of the past three decades." He goes on to share some of those stories. I loved it so much I shared it at my talk at Borders in Roseville the next night.

If you're flying SWA this month, I suggest you keep your copy of Spirit since it's loaded with resources and advice. The cover photograph, alone, is worth saving.

Spirit magazine

Self-esteem, self-awareness and self-discovery are all important components for successful self-employment. Journaling is one of the key pathways to self-discovery. In this 4-week online/e-course designed and led by Sandy Dempsey you will:

Establish a regular, positive journaling practice

Identify & define your personal values and life themes

Acknowledge the things you love and want

Prepare to choose a dream or goal that aligns with your personal values and life themes

You will begin identifying the first steps you can take to achieve your dream

The next workshop begins on September 30.

Journaling for Self-discovery

Buona fortuna,


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