September 15, 2010
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Barbara in a red capeEvery time I left my house,I used to see a poster near my front door that read, "It's not where you're going... it's where you're coming from." While that might sound like a bit of leftover jargon from the sixties,it also bears a truth that touches us all. Any project, any goal, any relationship with which we're involved is colored by what we bring to it.
For a long time, I've loved being around people who are positive, enthusiastic and creative.  Somewhere along the way, I realized that those nurturing kinds of people would probably not show up in my life unless I was one myself. And so my personal quest began to become the person I wanted to hang out with.The quest isn't over yet, but the the things I've learned have been amazing. For example, how do ordinary people become life's big winners?
One of the most interesting answers to that question came from author Robert G.Allen in his book, Creating Wealth. "The will to prepare to win is more important than the will to win. Preparing usually means doing those kinds of things that failures don't like to do. It means studying and learning. It means reading books, going to seminars. It means not being afraid to corner experts and ask foolish questions."
Sometimes finding the time - or motivation - to keep learning seems to be a huge challenge. As busy adults, we may have forgotten to make Lifelong Learning a high priority.
Or maybe we never had the benefit of a teacher like Rafe Esquith who helped us discover early on the joy of learning. When I read his book Teach Like Your Hair's on Fire, I was wildly inspired by the creative wonders he consistently turns out.
Esquith teaches fifth grade in Los Angeles. Most of his students come from immigrant homes where English is the second language. Nevertheless, in addition to performing well academically, all Esquith's students learn to play a musical instrument and their annual Shakespearean performances have received national attention.
What Esquith -and all great teachers - demonstrate is that the potential to soar resides within all of us, but it needs to be coaxed and nurtured. Happily, putting yourself in a roomful of others who are on the same journey can accelerate that process.
Brian Tracy, one of the leading authorities on personal achievement, makes this observation: "Increasing your knowledge and skills is like using high-octane fuel in your engine on your way to your destination... Unfortunately, for most people, their earning ability is a fixed, or even worse, depreciating asset. Because of this, most people just have a 'job' which stands for 'just over broke.'"
So it's probably no coincidence that the people who are the most Joyfully Jobless just happen to be Lifelong Learners as well.
Socrates said, "Let him who would move the world, first move himself." With all the resources-the books, the seminars, the insights of others-available for a pittance, it makes no sense to skip the critical preparation stage. Because, in the final analysis, winning isn't about what you have or even what you do. Winning is about becoming the person you were meant to become, no matter how long and difficult that journey may be.
So study and learn all you can. Take advantage of every resource you can find. You never know what might happen if you do. You could find yourself sitting in a roomful of strangers and suddenly meet yourself.


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Winning WaysIn the last issue, I warned you that the September/October issue of Winning Ways might be a bit delayed. Let's make that embarrassingly delayed. My move has not gone as smoothly and quickly as planned. That has created a domino effect and made production of my newsletter difficult.
So I want to assure you it will be coming, but not at its usual time. I am also working hard to make it worth your wait.
And if you're not yet a subscriber - or it's time to renew - love to have you along.

Last week, Judy Heminsley, who blogs at Work at Home Wisdom from Bath, UK, shared a wonderful gallery of home offices. Take a look.

Home Wisdom
Buona fortuna,
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