September 13, 2011
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  One of the first of many important lessons I learned along the way: No matter how convenient it is for us to reach out to people remotely, sometimes the most important task is to show up in person.  

~ Blake Mycoskie



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Autumn has always been my favorite time of year. After the hot, lazy days of summer, fall
rolls in whispering of new adventures on the horizon. Maybe it's all those years I spent in school, but I tend to think of September as the real new year.


And a new year means it's time for new explorations, plans and projects, don't you think?


Recently, however, we seem to be seeing an epidemic of what I call Adventure Deficit Disorder. The symptoms are easy to spot: lack of enthusiasm coupled with loads of self-doubt enhanced by frustration and dissatisfaction. Instead of adventure, life for many has been about accumulation. Amassing things can lead to a life of being a caretaker, instead of a creator.


While I'm not suggesting you give up all your worldly goods, I am urging you to make room for frequent soul-satisfying adventures.


So what's an adventure anyway? My favorite definition says, "an adventure is any undertaking the outcome of which cannot be known at the outset." It's the polar opposite of living with scheduled certainty. Adventure is propelled by curiosity, imagination and a willingness to be delighted by the unexpected.


You don't need a trip down the Amazon to qualify as an adventure. You do have to be an active participant in creating an adventurous life.


When my daughter Jennie was entering high school, she decided to spend the summer Becoming Cultured-and she had very specific ideas about what that meant. For starters, her summer reading did not include the usual fluff. It was time to tackle The Classics.


Becoming Cultured also meant expanding her cooking horizons. Up to that point, her kitchen repertoire was pretty much limited to some snappy French toast, but that summer Jennie decided to learn the art of French cooking. We swooned over her perfect hollandaise and fretted over the lumps in her chocolate mousse. Best of all, she demonstrated that true adventure is about expanding boundaries and horizons.


So why do so many people living in this rich, fascinating world suffer from Adventure Deficit Disorder? Fear of the unknown, years of advice to play it safe and disapproval of others has kept untold numbers of adventures from being born, but those aren't the only villains.


Author Richard Bach discovered an even more insidious adventure killer that may be lurking. "In order to live free and happily," said Bach, "you must sacrifice boredom. It is not always an easy sacrifice."


I'll be back next week with some tried and true ways of adding adventures that can have you exploring a bigger world. In the meantime, check out three of my favorite learning adventures. Pick one or two and see where they take you.





1. Last week I told you about the exciting 30 Day Challenge coming up in the month of October. Spearheaded by John Williams, author of Screw Work Let's Play, and coach and adventurer Selina Barker, you'll design your own play project and see visible progress by the time Halloween rolls around. Besides building momentum, you'll be acquiring tools you can use again and again with every new project you want to bring to life.


Don't dither. The sooner you enroll, the less you'll pay.


30 Day Challenge 


2. Frankly, I wasn't expecting to love Blake Mycoskie's new book Start Something That Matters so much, but I'm smitten. Five short years ago, Mycoskie launched his fifth business, a shoe company known as TOMS. The idea for this enterprise came to him on a trip to Argentina.

Not only has TOMS become his mission, he's obviously been an attentive student and he shares those often surprising lessons here. As inspiring as Mycoskie's personal tale is, he's also given us one of the best startup manuals I've ever read.




3. I'm back on the road again with some of my favorite seminars to help you gather ideas and information for your own Joyfully Jobless Journey.

My fall tour begins back in Denver at Colorado Free University where we'll be exploring
Establish Yourself as an Expert on Friday, September 30. On Saturday, October 1,the day kicks off with Making a Living Without a Job followed by I Hate Marketing.

This is my final CFU appearance this year so if the time has come for your to join me, please do.


Colorado Free University 


Then I'll be heading to the Learning Exchange in Sacramento on October 14 & 15, and back to UNLV in Las Vegas on October 22. I'll share details on those later.


Barbara Online
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The theme this month is
The Perpetual Learner
Adventure Starters
Always have a current passport

Join an archaeological dig and discover buried treasure

Read every book you own

Become an organic farmer

Help someone before they ask

Turn castoffs into treasures

Learn to draw

Write a fan letter to someone who influenced you

Have your letter to the editor published

Finish projects ahead of time

Take a stand-even if you're the only one

Enter a competition

Bring food to disaster victims

Engage in barter

Spend a whole day at a library

Come up with a family motto

Help clean up a polluted beach

Throw a surprise party that really surprises

Do something friends would consider out of character

Close your eyes, point to someplace on a map, then go there

Invent a new holiday and ways to celebrate it

Double your money in a single year

Apprentice yourself to an artisan

Ask better questions

Get better answers

Learn the language of your ancestors

Buy a painting from an unknown artist

Have a new first every day

Visit Monticello

List 100 good things that have happened in your life

Resign from all boards and committees that bore you

Give someone a second chance

Send flowers for no reason at all

Adopt a protégé

Live the life of a modern Bohemian



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Buon fortuna,


Barbara Winter

Barbara Winter 


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