September 5, 2013
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Dear Lisa,
When you are in the deep end of the creative pool surrounded by others who are full of  energy, ideas and examples, you learn to swim a lot better.  
~ Danny Gregory

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Postcards from Barbara

Barbara and the Cowboy in Sedona Back in the early days of Making a Living Without a Job, seminar participants often came up at the end and quietly confessed, "What I really want to do is travel." I heard that so often that I began to theorize that the same desires that urge us to travel are very much the same ones that motivate us to become self-employed. 


A few years later, I introduced How to Support Your Wanderlust, a seminar about creating portable businesses. Little did I know at the beginning of that exploration that technology was going to make it easier for everyone to make a living while being mobile.


I'm not the only one who noticed the growing interest in creating a business that could be run from anywhere. When Jackie Flynn from International Living contacted me last year about writing for a new publication they were planning, I was intrigued. I loved the idea of sharing stories and information for those setting up shop in the global marketplace.


Incomes Abroad debuted earlier this year and plans are afoot for a terrific Fund Your Life Overseas Conference coming up in Phoenix on November 10-12. If you've dreamed of being an entrepreneurial gypsy, I urge you to investigate further. 


Fund Your Life Overseas Conference  



null About the time I moved from Las Vegas, Zappos founder Tony Hsieh announced the ambitious Downtown Project which he is spearheading. His bold vision is to turn the languishing area into "Disneyland for entrepreneurs." 


New start-ups are moving to Las Vegas, co-working spaces with names like Work in Progress are buzzing and renovated apartments and condos are attracting entrepreneurial owners.


There's another aspect to this project that is unique. Hsieh is determined to create a place filled with opportunities for serendipity which he calls meaningful collisions. I share his fascination with the phenomenon.


While the common understanding of serendipity is unexpected good fortune, I learned that it goes much further than that. The origin of the word comes from an old Persian fairy tale called The Princes of Serendip.


The story involves three young noblemen who traveled the world. They rarely found the treasures they were looking for, but continually ran into other treasures equally great or even greater which they were not seeking.


In looking for one thing they found something else. Even though their goals eluded them, they were more than rewarded with their wayside discoveries. When they realized what was happening, they got an entirely new slant on life.


As Hsieh explains, "I think you can create your own luck. The key is to meet as many people as you can and really get to know them. I think for most people, college was the last time it was normal to just randomly run into people all the time. As you get older, you drive to work, see the same people every day, then go home. But the best things happen when people are running into each other and sharing ideas."


Want to have more serendipitous adventures? It does not occur when we are passively waiting for something to happen. We must be actively engaged in the pursuit of some goal and, yet, be willing for it to turn out differently than first imagined.


Although you may not be part of the Las Vegas Downtown Project, you can create serendipitous opportunities wherever you happen to be. Keep asking yourself, "When was the last time I did something for the first time?" 


Engage in social media (don't just open a Facebook account). Join or start a MeetUp group. Attend seminars where ideas will be filling the air. Investigate co-working spaces in your community. Or start one. Find a mastermind group or accountability partner. Create a quest to explore a new subject. Refuse to settle for predictability. 


Specialize in meaningful collisions and celebrate them as they happen. Or, as Tony Hsieh advises, keep creating your own luck.




When I first started doing teleclasses, I'd have participants from Europe who were keeping themselves awake with large amounts of tea and coffee in order to attend in the middle of the night. Once I began recording those classes, folks from inconvenient time zones could get a good night's sleep, order the recorded version and listen at their leisure.


You can find more than a dozen recordings of the most popular teleclasses and listen to them at your leisure, too. You can discover how to Turn Personal Experiences Into Profit Centers, A Dozen Ways to Build Your Expert Status or How to Support Your Wanderlust, Download them to an MP3 player and they can accompany you on a walk or flight.

For the first time ever, they're all on sale for a mere $20/recording. 





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If so, a Joyfully Jobless Weekend can be the perfect jumpstart. Whether you're just starting out or ready to move farther ahead, this trio of seminars includes Establish Yourself as an Expert,
Making a Living Without a Job and How to Support Your Wanderlust and are jam-packed with precisely the kind of information that can make a lasting impact on your success. 

We all know that putting ourselves in a room with other explorers adds a dimension that doesn't exist when we're merely gathering information. As Seth Godin reminded us this week,
"We learn best when we learn together."


Join me in Philadelphia on September 20 & 21, or Ottawa on October 4 & 5 or Boise on November 8 & 9 for the final round of programs for 2013. Not only will you leave the Joyfully Jobless Weekend with the power tools you need to build your own self-employment, you might just connect with a new kindred spirit or brainstorming partner.


To register for any of these events go to Joyfully Jobless Weekend.


Buon Viaggio,


Barbara Winter

Barbara Winter 


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