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July 22, 2010
Barbara Winter's Joyfully Jobless News
Everything happens for you, not to you.
~ Byron Katie
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The theme this month is
Get Connected.
Making Dreams Happen GroupAs far as I recall, my German Lutheran upbringing never mentioned mantras. It wasn't until much later that I discovered these powerful pathways to change and growth.
The concept of mantras originated in the Hindu religion which uses repeated words and sounds to serve as a focal point in meditation. There's also a secular kind of mantra that's in daily practice everywhere.
Knowingly or not, we all use mantras all the time. These are the things we repeatedly tell ourselves (and others) about ourselves. Mantras can be wildly useful for moving us ahead and are equally powerful for keeping us stuck.
One of the stay-stuck variety that I hear frequently is, "I don't know what I want to do." Say it often enough and your imagination will turn down the volume. Not knowing will become your truth.
On the other hand, replacing that mantra with, "I am getting clearer and clearer about the life I want to create," wakes us up to new possibilities and can lead to a new reality.
Getting a new mantra isn't the only power tool used by those who are living rich and fascinating lives. In fact, it often seems that the Joyfully Jobless use an entirely different dictionary.
Rather than blindly accepting conventional wisdom, they've defined important concepts for themselves. Consider these three ordinary examples:
Security. Although this word is commonly used to mean safety, it would be more accurate to say that it describes predictability. For many people, security means being in the same place at the same time with the same people getting paid the same amount of money day in and day out.
For the Joyfully Jobless, security means trusting that they can always find a way, can meet challenges, solve problems and bring their ideas to life.
Wealth. As someone has pointed out, if we don't have a personal definition of what wealth means, we're apt to think of it as "more than I have now." In other words, it's a perpetually unattainable state.
Equally crazy is accepting someone else's notion (i.e. a million dollars) of what constitutes wealth. In fact, wealth is often about much more than money.
When wealth is clearly defined, we are apt to hear something like the definition of author Marlena de Blasi who said, "I knew that to be at home in the world was the way to grow rich. The way I wanted to be rich."
The self-employed discover that money is only one of the currencies available to them. As designer Karl Lagerfeld says, "For me, the thing is not to have things, it's to do things."
Then there's this provocative observation from Mike Dooley: "Both having money and not having money make fantastic adventures possible that would not otherwise be possible. Same for having, and not having, anything else."
Problems. It seems a shame that creative problem-solving isn't included in the curriculum of most schools. Consequently, many people tend to view problems-both large and small-as punishments from God, as evidence of their own ineptitude or as a cherished pet that they continue to nurture.
That's quite a different approach than the one taken by people who see problems as an opportunity to exercise creativity, improve the quality of life for themselves and others or as a call to personal growth.
Smart entrepreneurs also know that whether they're selling products or services, their business exists to solve problems for someone else.
Problems also show us what kind of business we're creating. As Paul Hawken points out, "A good business has interesting problems while a bad business has boring ones."
It took me a long time to learn that my thoughts create my language which create my results. Quite simply, better mantras create better results. Use them boldly.
Making Dreams HappenAlthough it's been a few years since Barbara Sher, Valerie Young and I had the pleasure of sharing what we know about Making Dreams Happen, the glorious experience was recorded and continues to be a power tool for other career/life changers. Loaded with ideas, insights and information, this program is now available as a download.
Add it to your library before July 31 and you'll save $50 off the regular price of $147. Check it out here:
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Joyfully Jobless Jamboree We're in the final 90-Day Stretch before the Joyfully Jobless Jamboree and I find myself smiling whenever I think about it. In another week or so, we'll be announcing the speakers and agenda, but I must confess that I am seeing MORE FUN as a huge part of the event.
Sir Richard Branson (who will not be appearing) has a lovely mantra for his Virgin empire: Fun is Fundamental. I'm paying close attention to that as we put the finishing touches on our very special celebration that just happens to coincide with National Bosses Day.
What I can tell you today is that you can invoke your own MORE MONEY part of the theme by getting yourself enrolled promptly. Do so now and you'll save $100. And if you're one of the first 25 (and there are only a few more spots in that special group) and use the code from the coupon below, you'll get an additional $50 discount.
That's more money for you now, more fun on October 15 & 16.

Joyfully Jobless Jamboree

Joyfully Jobless Ticket
Although the ideas in this article, 4 Ways to Make Cash Online, from Yahoo Finance are probably familiar to you, they're also a good reminder of opportunities that are close at hand. Check them out.
4 Ways to Make Cash Online
Buon Viaggio BlogWho is your ideal customer? From Buon Viaggio blog Less Can Be More.
Buon Viaggio
Kiva A big thank you to all new and renewing subscribers to Winning Ways newsletter. As you may recall, I decided to donate 10% of all July sales to Kiva. Consequently, eight entrepreneurs received funding from our joint efforts. Hooray!

Buona fortuna,
Barbara Winter

Barbara Winter

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