July 2, 2010
Barbara Winter's Joyfully Jobless News
Connecting with people who share the same passions affirms that you're not alone;
that there are others like you and that while many might not understand your passion, some do.
~ Ken Robinson

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The theme this month is Get Connected.
Barbara PoolsideLast Saturday, I was teaching Making a Living Without a Job at UNLV. Although it wasn't going to be a large class, I always have a sense of anticipation on seminar days and this was no exception.
After I had finished the first part of the program, I asked if there were any questions or comments. A woman raised her hand and asked a good question which I did my best to answer. I noticed a man named Rich on the other side of the room suddenly sitting up straighter. As soon as I'd handled the first question, his hand went up.
"I've been listening to what you've had to say," he said and paused. I thought a disagreement was coming. I was wrong. "And I'm happy to learn than I'm doing a lot of things right, " he said.
Without any prompting, he went on to share his story. "I did everything possible to keep from losing my job," he said. "I took a pay cut, I worked longer hours, I hung on for dear life. A few months ago, I was laid off anyway. When I left, my employer said they hoped to hire me back as soon as possible and wanted me to leave my office just as it was with my wife's picture and other personal things. I agreed."
Then he went on to tell us that he'd spent a couple of weeks licking his wounds and then decided it was time for a new plan. This new plan included starting a service business as a handyman and junk remover. Rich told us a bit about his what his days are like now. "My wife says," he laughed, "that she's never seen me so relaxed and happy."
The longer he talked, the more enthusiastic he became. "Last week," he went on, "I decided to go back and visit my old employer. I had only been gone a few months, but everyone looked like they'd aged two years. I looked at my old office and thought, 'I'm never coming back.'"
As often as I hear stories like Rich's, I never fail to be moved by them. Discovering our right livelihood is often a turning point, after all, one that introduces us to more joy, more adventure, and more extraordinary people than we ever realized was possible.
When he finished his story, I said, "Do you know what the number one regret is of people who become self-employed?" Without hesitation Rich said, "That they didn't start sooner."
He is absolutely right. That's a regret that can be avoided, of course, but only if you go after your dreams sooner. Psychologist Alfred Adler concurs. "There is only one danger I find in life," warned Adler, "you may  take too many precautions."

One of the overlooked obstacles that start-ups often face is simply not knowing anyone else who is self-employed. If you'd like some ideas on how to connect with more self- bossers, check out A Field Guide to Genus Entrepreneurs on my Web site.
A Field Guide to Genus Entrepreneurs
Flat BarbaraAlthough Flat Stanley has been delighting children since 1964, I didn't make his acquaintance until my granddaughter Zoe sent me a Flat Sarah shortly before Easter. The instructions were simple enough: take this large paper doll on adventures, photograph where you've gone and send them back with a story.
The project turned out to be even more fun than I'd anticipated. I gathered all my photos, put them together in a book I titled Grandma Vegas and Flat Sarah's Excellent Adventures and sent them off for Zoe to share with her kindergarten class.
I mentioned the Flat Sarah project at  the Inspired Livelihood seminar in Sedona and someone suggested I make a Flat Barbara. I promptly commissioned Zoe to create her. Flat Barbara was then cloned and sent out to the members of the Joyfully Jobless Jamboree Posse with instructions to show her their joyfully jobless life.
A few of adventures Flat Barbara has enjoyed include a business lunch in Winnipeg, a trip to buy cowboy boots in Ohio, and spending time at a writer's conference in New Jersey.
We're gathering the pictures and will be posting them on the Jamboree site, but you don't have to wait until that happens to see Flat Barbara's YouTube debut. Last weekend, Sandy Dempsey spent an evening making a charming video of her early outings with Flat Barbara.
Take a look.

Flat Barbara
Joyfully Jobless Jamboree Several weeks ago, we sent out an invitation for folks to join the Posse to help design and facilitate the upcoming Joyfully Jobless Jamboree. Of course, interesting people stepped up. They're a wonderfully diverse group, scattered around the US and Canada, running their own creative businesses.
The other day, I sent out a profile called Telling Your Story and asked them to fill it out and send it back. Here's what Liz de Nesnera, the first person to join the Posse, sent.
Name: Liz de Nesnera

World Headquarters: My studio in Pompton Lakes NJ

Web Address: www.HireLiz.com

Business Name:  Reservoir Road Productions
Business Purpose: Provide Native/Bilingual English & French voiceover services to wonderful clients worldwide
Current project I'm working on: Message on Hold greetings, Website audio and a long form narration. I'm never working on only one project.
Person I'd most like to meet for a chat at Starbucks: Richard Branson
Movie every entrepreneur should see: The Big Chill because it's one of my favorite movies about relationships, friendship and ultimately being yourself.
Book every entrepreneur should read: A Million Miles in a Thousand Years by Donald Miller
People who knew me in high school thought I was: I'm not sure; I was pretty much everyone's friend.
I'd like to see my picture on: Success magazine
Worst idea I ever had: Thinking that I could be a family caregiver and also make my living in that field. Although I still speak to caregivers groups and am involved in the Family Caregiving world, my voiceover career has kept me centered and sane.
My motto is: Depending on the day it's "One day at a time and a glass of wine with dinner" OR "Screw it! Let's do it."
A favorite quote is: There are many, but one of my  favorites is from Richard Branson: "Screw it! Let's do it."
I can talk for hours about: Being passionate about what you do, voiceover, the effects of family caregiving on a person
The one thing everyone has tried but me is: iPhone and iPad
The best thing about being joyfully jobless is: Working with great clients, making them happy and being able to live the life I want-and to be able to take few hours off in the middle of the week to go skiing.
Many countries around the world celebrate the day when they earned their own independence.

Certainly, it's a milestone when a country begins to carve its own identity and exercise their own power and decision-making. Rightly so. Independence is heady stuff and brings with it both responsibility and new opportunity.
It's not just nations, of course, who experience this. It seems to me that those of us who have declared our independence from employers, have special freedoms we celebrate every day. Make it even more festive when your country celebrates its independence.

Buona fortuna,
Barbara Winter

Barbara Winter

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