June 24, 2013
Barbara Winter's Joyfully Jobless News
The more people who own little businesses of their own,  
the safer our country will be for the people who  
have a stake in their country and their community  
are its' best citizens.
~ John Hancock



Barbara in Maine Even after all these years, I often marvel that I managed to become self-employed. Besides the lack of encouragement I had starting out, I scarcely knew anyone who worked for themselves. 


The existing information on starting a business wasn't much help, either. Apparently, according to the experts, starting a business involved hiring employees, setting up pension plans, aspiring to build a huge operation. Years later, the "Go Big or Go Home" troops came in,insinuating that anything less was not worthy of consideration.


I wanted to be free of dysfunctional organizations, not create another one. but I needed help figuring things out. After floundering for a bit, I thought I had found the answer.


As it happened, Success Rallies were popping up all over the place and for the price of a ticket and a few hours' time, I could join several thousand other success seekers in a large auditorium and be motivated to greatness.


After attending a couple of these high energy events, I decided that I was not interested in personal growth as a spectator sport. While many of the speakers were well-intentioned (and well-paid), their impact was minimal.


So I quietly set about to find my own way and, I hoped, a better way. I discovered small scale enterprise was a perfect fit for me. A few years later, I was astonished and delighted to learn I wasn't the only one who felt that way. E.F. Schumacher's Small is Beautiful, was the first book I'd seen that was a thoughtful exploration on the benefits of small scale enterprise. 


Increasingly, more people are reaching the same conclusion about size. As Seth Godin says, "Big companies are big companies because they're very good at doing yesterday's business."


The difference between a big business and a small one, it seems to me, is the difference between a dinosaur and jaguar. Small can be fast, agile, and connected. 

That agility extends to events as well.


There won't be 3,000 people at a Joyfully Jobless Weekend or a Mastermind Magic group. There will, however, be time to connect, explore and get your questions answered. Best of all, you'll have the opportunity to share time and ideas with others who think that small is still beautiful.


I leave it up to you to explore further and decide if joining me on a small excursion is a wise investment of your time and money. Click on the links below to investigate.


Here's what's on the horizon for the Joyfully Jobless Weekend:


Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill, NC

June 28 & 29


Long Beach,MS

July 19 & 20


Toronto, ON

August 16 & 17


Joyfully Jobless Weekend 



And the next Mastermind Magic


August 8-10


Mastermind Magic 



In the noisy household where I grew up, my mother would sometimes yell, "Quiet! I can't hear myself think."  In case you haven't noticed, the world has grown considerably noisier and that can make it difficult to hear our own ideas or figure out what to do with them.


That's where Terri Belford and I can help. Join us for Mastermind Magic: Overcoming Obstacles and Maintaining Momentum and you'll have a lively, but quiet, space in which to create your own Success Map. 


This event is open to just 8 people so if it's a fit for you, don't delay in letting us know you want to participate. This time around, Mastermind Magic will be held in Denver on August 9, 10 and 11


Since this announcement is going out to thousands of people today, dithering is not recommended. Get all the details by clicking on the link below and if it looks like a perfect fit for you, jump on board.


Mastermind Magic

Happily, the Joyfully Jobless Weekends are about to resume and I'll be heading to some places I've never been before to share my most popular seminars.  


On Friday evening we begin with Establish Yourself as an Expert. That's followed on Saturday morning with Making a Living Without a Job and winds down in the afternoon with How To Support Your Wanderlust.

These weekends are designed to help you learn a lot for not a lot of money. In fact, these prices will not be around in 2014.

If you're in the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill Triangle area, you can join us on June 28 & 29. If you aren't in that area, this could make a fine little road trip for you and a friend.

Get all the details here: Joyfully Jobless Weekend  

Buon Viaggio,


Barbara Winter

Barbara Winter 


P.S. On occasion, I may receive a commission or compensation when you participate or purchase a product or service I recommend. That being said, I strive to always offer useful content and resources in each issue of Joyfully Jobless News.
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