June 16, 2011
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Both having money and not having money make fantastic adventures possible that would not otherwise be possible. Same for having, and not having, anything else. ~ Mike Dooley

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My niece Gretchen met her future husband Tony when they worked on their college newspaper. Once they graduated, they set out to make their mark as newspaper reporters. Their first gigs were at a small town paper in northern California. Then they moved on to a larger paper in southern California in the town where Gretchen's mother lives.


Eventually, Tony took a job as editor at a business paper, but another plan was brewing. After their daughter was born in December, he decided to carve out a new path as stay-at-home dad and freelance writer.


Last weekend when we were all together celebrating my sister's birthday (mother-in-law of Tony), we were sitting around in the living room of the house we'd rented on Catalina and someone asked Tony how his new freelance life was going.


"Pretty good," he said. Then he laughed, sat up straighter and said, "It's amazing. I work about twenty hours a week now and seem to be able to write much faster at home than I did in a newspaper office. I'm working half as much and making about two-thirds of my old salary. Instead of making $20 an hour, I'm making $75. Projects come in and I can decide whether or not to take them."


Then, of course, there's the lovely bonus of spending time with his infant daughter. Tony may not realize it yet, but he's writing his own story-and becoming a role model of self-reliance for his daughter.


Naturally, I perk up when I hear a story like Tony's. In fact, I collect them, but remain mystified that so many people are afraid to discover for themselves the joy, freedom and creative delight that's waiting on the Joyfully Jobless side.


As Paul Hawken discovered, "The self-owned and -operated business is the freest life in the world." It appears that we all have to find that out for ourselves.




The first Idea Safari was so much fun that we're heading out again. This is one safari that you can join from the comfort of your home without encountering hostile natives or unfriendly wildlife.

 Idea Safari

You will, however, find plenty of wild (and tame) ideas that you can take back to your own habitat and put to work in building your business.


We launch this Thursday with A Dozen Ways to Build Your Expert Status.  Coaches, photographers, writers, inventors, entrepreneurs of all sorts have learned to think like an expert and position themselves in a way that makes them memorable. So can you.


Put these ideas to work for you and get yourself noticed for all the right reasons.


Week #2 finds us exploring A Dozen Ways to Build a Portable Business. If you hanker to be an entrepreneurial gypsy or simply don't want to be tied to a single location, this teleclass will show you a dozen options beyond running an online operation (which many small business advisors seem to think is the only opportunity).


Whether your dream is to earn a living while your passport accumulates stamps or you'd like to travel the country in your motor home, this Idea Safari will show you how others have successful combined travel and commerce.


Finally, we wrap up the Idea Safari series with A Dozen Ways to Free Your Inner Entrepreneur. Do entrepreneurs think differently than employees do? Kind of a silly question, isn't it? During a seminar, Alice Barry nailed it when she said, "Employees commiserate. Entrepreneurs brainstorm."


Happily, becoming aware of the mindset of successful entrepreneurs-and challenging yourself to shift your perspective-is something that can be learned. Join me on this Safari and you'll come away with tools to excavate your own inner entrepreneur.


Each Thursday night Idea Safari begins at 8 PM Eastern, 5 PM Pacific. All participants will receive an audio download of each teleclass.


Don't get left behind. Click on the link below to register for your Safari seat (and discover a little surprise when you sign up for the entire series).


Winning Ways Idea Safari 


Buon fortuna,


Barbara Winter

Barbara Winter 


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