June 16, 2011
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If you got a glimpse of my journals, you'd have to say that I am a serious student. I'm not just committed to my craft, I'm committed to life, committed to learning new concepts and skills.

~Jim Rohn

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Of all the power tools needed to build a successful business, books are one of the most essential. So this month I've been exploring the role of books and reading at Buon Viaggio blog. Whether you think of yourself as a writer or not, there's a one-of-a-kind book that shows up in the libraries of the most successful entrepreneurs.


Several years ago, Bill Gates made news when he spent $30 million to purchase Leonardo da Vinci's  Codex Leicester, one of the notebooks Leonardo kept. da Vinci was a voracious notetaker filling volumes with his observations on architecture, elements of mechanics, painting and human anatomy.


As Leonardo knew, putting thoughts on paper isn't mere vanity: it's a way to sharpen  thinking, gain clarity and solve problems. It's a power tool that can make a big impact on your dreambuilding efforts.


Anyone who has read Julia Cameron's popular book The Artist's Way is familiar with her concept of Morning Pages. Although Cameron suggests that Morning Pages are a direct route to your inner teacher and unique voice, keeping notebooks, journals and diaries can also nurture the growth of your business and provide a permanent history of your achievements.


Virgin employees report that founder Sir Richard Branson is never without a notebook. As he goes about his business, he frequently jots down ideas, suggestions and requests rather than relying upon an unreliable memory.


Philosopher Jim Rohn has this to say about keeping a journal. "I used to take notes on pieces of paper and torn-off corners and backs of old envelopes. I wrote ideas on restaurant placemats.


"Then I found out that the best way to organize those ideas is to keep a journal. The discipline makes up a valuable part of my learning, and the journals are a valuable part of my library.


"I am a buyer of blank books. The reason I pay twenty-six dollars for a blank book is to challenge myself to find something worth twenty-six dollars to put in there. All my journals are private, but if you ever got a hold of one of them, you wouldn't have to look very far to discover it is worth more than twenty-six dollars."


If you aren't in the habit of writing things down in a journal, here's a way to get started-or to enhance the journal keeping you currently do. Begin by carrying a small notebook with you at all times. Use it to jot down quotes, ideas, questions, possibilities, resources or anything else that catches your fancy as you go about your day.


Then, late in the afternoon or early evening, review the jottings in your notebook and elaborate on the ones that seem significant in a larger journal. Muse on paper. Record questions that are in search of an answer.


A journal is also a wonderful place to create lists. Instead of the familiar To Do Lists, make lists that challenge you such as To Be Lists or People To Meet Lists or I'm Grateful For Lists.


Since writing brings clarity and focus, use your journal to take an inventory every ninety days or so. Write about what's working and what isn't. Record your victories and accomplishments. Think of it as a suggestion box for your brain.


When we take the time to commit our thoughts, ideas and dreams to paper, it adds power that doesn't exist when we keep them locked in our mind. One of the best discussions of this mysterious process comes from Henriette Anne Klauser in her book Write It Down, Make It Happen.


She explains it this way: "There is a kind of direct and personal guidance available, but often we don't hear or see it.  We think of such occurrences as 'coincidences. I prefer to call them 'Go! Incidences.' Such events are a sign, a signal. Writing it down sends a notice to the universe, 'Hey! I'm ready!' And 'Go! Incidences' are signs that send a message back: 'I got your signal and I'm working on it.' Writing down your dreams and aspirations is like hanging up a sign that says, 'Open for Business.'"




The first Idea Safari was so much fun, we're heading out again.


Idea SafariA Dozen Ways to Build Your Expert Status -Thursday, June 23, 8-9 PM Eastern, 5-6 PM Pacific


Coaches, photographers, writers, inventors, entrepreneurs of all sorts have learned to think like an expert and position themselves in a way that makes them memorable.

And, yet, many people think that they lack what it takes to be perceived as an expert.


Think you can't establish yourself as an expert until you write that book or get invited to appear on CNN? Think again. Building expert status is an on-going, long-term process and in this lively teleclass you'll learn more than a dozen ways to start doing just that. We'll focus on small steps you can take now to start building your expert business-

right where you are.  


A Dozen Ways to Build a Portable Business - Thursday, June 30, 8-9 PM Eastern, 5-6 PM Pacific


Been bitten by the travel bug and need a way to finance your dream? You don't have to win the lottery in order to see the world. Finding a way to fund your travel dreams can be a creative adventure in and of itself. While many might forego travel or spend years scrimping to save up for a big excursion, there are other options for those willing to take an entrepreneurial approach.


Numerous opportunities are available to those wishing to set up shop in the global village. (And, no, running an online business isn't the only way to accumulate stamps in your passport.)


If you think you'd enjoy becoming an entrepreneurial gypsy, this teleclass will introduce you to some of those opportunities and show you how to generate ideas of your own.



A Dozen Ways to Free Your Inner Entrepreneur -Thursday, July 7, 8-9 PM Eastern, 5-6 PM Pacific


Whatever your reasons for starting your own business, you probably brought something with you that you intended to leave behind, something that's hindering your progress. That unconscious baggage is Employee Thinking.


Most of us don't even know we've got it- which makes changing it mighty difficult. 

If you're like most people, you've had years of conditioning to think like a good employee-and almost no education about how to think like an entrepreneur.


Unfortunately, many of the things that make us Employee of the Month don't translate at all in running our own business. As Paul Hawken warns us, "Owning a business and working for one are as different as chalk and cheese."


The good news is you can learn Entrepreneurial Thinking and put it to work building the business of your dreams. While it does require effort, it's easier than learning a new language or Texas Hold 'em. 


Whether you're just starting out, or want to spruce up your entrepreneurial wisdom, this teleclass will share some easy and effective ways to put entrepreneurial thinking to work in building the business of your dreams.


Winning Ways Idea Safari 


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Here's a recent e-mail I received that made me smile. It comes from Judy Miranda. She wrote:

Winning Ways"June 04th, Sacramento, rain falling hard....again/still/yet/more to come, cloudy, dark and dismal... annual outdoor art fairs cancelled....outdoor wedding of daughter of an acquaintance plans scrambled... heat on in house, wearing winter clothes, isn't it supposed to be in the 80's?  Can't feed the 4 feral kittens, where are they hiding, are they okay....somewhere.  Put on rain gear and chug through the puddles out to the mailbox.....

BRIGHT PINK SOMETHING!  Oh, it's "Winning Ways" from Barbara!!!!  Who cares if it's cold and rainy.  It's time for a cup of tea and Barbara's inspiration!"

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