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As you read this issue, think about these insightful words from Caroline Myss:

We evolve at the rate of the tribe we're plugged into.

Like her mother, my daughter Jennie is an enthusiastic traveler. When we made our first visit to Venice together, we hopped on the vaporetto and moved to the front of the boat to get a good spot to view the Grand Canal. As we rounded the curve and has our first glimpse of the magnificent buildings that line the waterway, Jennie said, "You know how I always say that things in person never look as good as you've imagined from seeing pictures? Venice is different. Venice is better than I imagined."

That's how I felt throughout Follow Through Camp. I knew it was going to be a terrific time away for the participants to refocus and recommit to their particular projects and visions. But it was better than I imagined. Looking back, I realize I shouldn't have been surprised. After all, I've spent a fair amount of time in seminar rooms and I know what can happen when people are placed in a distraction-free environment surrounded by support and encouragement.

Long before I took my first steps to self-employment, I discovered the power of seminars and became an enthusiastic participant. Sometimes I felt like the biggest klutz in the room. Often I was surrounded by folks who were well on their way to entrepreneurial success. But these weren't how-to seminars we were attending; these were more about the inner game of being the boss. Looking around those seminar rooms, I gradually realized that not only was the seminar leader self-employed, most of the participants either were already working for themselves or making the transition to working for themselves.

A few weeks ago, Ali Brown wrote a terrific piece called "Why Go to Live Events." She talked about how helpful it had been in the early days of her business to walk into a room full of people who "got" what she was doing. She also mentioned the valuable connections she continues to make as she continues to invest in herself. Like the entrepreneurs I have met along the way, this commitment to lifelong learning is one way that winner separate themselves from the also-rans.

Ali also told this story:" When my friend Jen was in college, she wanted to learn French, so she took the opportunity to spend a semester in France. She shared with me that by doing that she made progress faster than she'd ever thought possible. They call that learning by immersion, and it's proven to be one of the BEST ways to learn fast. Hey, I'm a big fan of home study - books, CDs, and courses - and learning in bits. But NOTHING compares to getting away from your office or home, spending a few days with teachers and other students, and completely focusing on learning new strategies to improve your business."

Of course, it's impossible to tell you what it's like to be in a seminar. As Kobi Yamada says,"Some experiences don't translate. You've got to go to know." It's no exaggeration to say that everyone left Follow Through Camp with a compelling and creative plan that was perfectly suited for their vision.

Brooklyn resident Lynn Girardi wrote afterwards that coming to Dodge City, KS was a bit like going on Wife Swap, a bit of a cultural shock, but having met that challenge, here's what she says: This seminar experience got my business passions back on track with practical advice for me to take action on at home. It cleared my head, helped me to bond with student-pals and expanded my support network. This farm-animal-themed event location convinced me that my dream-business motto now needs to be: "NO MORE 'BULL'! Just do it, already!" (A kind of Brooklyn version of the Nike slogan!)

Here are a few of the things our Happy Campers have to share.

Alice Barry, a super organizer of people and events, is staging a fantastic three-day flea market/boutique in her Minneapolis front yard this coming weekend. She and a dozen+ vendors will be offering a wide array of merchandise, both used and brand new. And anyone who knows Alice knows this won't be any ordinary yard sale. I mean, when was the last time you went to a yard sale that offered a vintage Ford Fairlane?

You can get a glimpse of the merchandise that will be offered at the Super Chicks Stimulus Flea Market and Sale on May 28, 29 & 30th at Alice's World Headquarters on Xerxes and 46th Street by clicking on the link below. And if you'd like to be involved, you can donate merchandise, come as a buyer or tell everyone you know about this fun event.

Super Chick Sale

Terri Belford is one of the only people I've ever met who's a lifelong entrepreneur. She's also a perpetual idea factory which makes her an exceptional coach and mentor. Recently, Terri started a blog to help artisans and craftspeople uncover their entrepreneurial spirits. You'll find an interesting article there about a revelation she had when browsing in a small shop in Dodge City, KS plus lots of useful advice. Terri can't imagine why everyone isn't already self-employed.

Her other great passion is facilitating workshops and seminars. Terri said she realized during Follow Through Camp that her dream event is not an auditorium with hundreds of anonymous participants, but a small group with lots of interaction. Currently, she's working to make one of my dream events come true: autumn in Sedona. Details to be announced. Stay tuned.

Craft Biz Coach

Sandy Dempsey simply inspires everyone around her as she shares her own creative journey. Like several others, Sandy reclaimed a dream she'd pushed aside and we can't wait for her to debut that big one.

A few months ago, Sandy began blogging at The Dreaming Cafe. She also sends out wonderful weekly mailings. Sandy's an enthusiastic gatherer of resources and shares terrific insights with her readers.

Her post-Camp project was to add another wing to The Dreaming Cafe: The Dreaming Cafe Community. Check out her site and get involved in whatever way fits you. This Jersey Girl is going places--and she's eager to take you along.

The Dreaming Cafe

I spent Memorial Day working on some new things for Check the Business Ideas section and you'll find Multiple Passions, Multiple Profits; under Articles there's one called Making Your Business Visible; and the latest Inspiration Station is Keeping It Lively In Austin.

I'm also eager for more submissions to Where In The World Do You Work? Let's show the possibilities for creatively working in spots that bear no resemblance to bland corporate space.

New Articles at

Buona fortuna,


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