May 24, 2012 
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Dear Lisa,

The very best moment in any long journey that makes your dreams come true, comes not on the day you realize they have, but on the day you realize how little they matter compared to loving the adventure they've inspired.~ Mike Dooley

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My mailbox has been busier than usual with messages from people longing to strike out on their own. What these messages have in common is a great deal of apprehension. I do my best to point out-as gently as possible-that there's some equipment required, but I don't mean drills and ladders.


The Joyfully Jobless Journey begins (and grows) by 1) exposing ourselves to new ideas, 2) becoming alert to opportunities, 3) acting on our ideas, 4) boldly making mistakes, 5) being a lifelong learner. 


In Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy, interstellar travelers had a little fish, called a Babelfish, that they could slip into their ear and make them instantly literate in any language. Shifting out of an employee mindset into the brave new world of entrepreneurial thinking is very much like learning a new language. The more you interact with native speakers, the more fluent you become.


Whether you're just on the verge or already running a start-up, here are some places to build your entrepreneurial vocabulary.


Reserve Your Place at the Un-Job Fair


Our third Un-Job Fair in Denver is right around the corner on Saturday, June 2. This all-day event is packed with information for successful self-employment. 


I'll be there along with BizShop proprietor Steve Veltcamp, author and career coach Tama  J. Kieves plus  more than a dozen breakout sessions on options and opportunities for successful self-employment. I'll be doing a breakout session on Turning Personal Experiences Into Profit Centers.


Un-Job Fair 


Make Some Joyfully Jobless Friends


One of the major obstacles to successful self-employment is not having a circle of entrepreneurial friends. When I point that out in Making a Living Without a Job seminars, I often see participants who look doomed. Not knowing anyone who is joyfully jobless does not have to be a permanent situation. It can be a call to expand your horizons.


"Where do you meet self-bossers?" is a frequent question that I hear. A good starting place, I point out, is to be entrepreneurial yourself and then go to their natural habitats for closer contact. Here are some ways to track down those dreamers and doers so you can study their habits up close.


A Field Guide to Genus Entrepreneurus 


Help Fund a Dream


Even though it's only a few years old, Kickstarter has helped fund thousands of creative projects. Now there's one on their site that I urge you to investigate and support.


A crew of five went cross-country interviewing people who have opted out of the American Dream to go after their own dreams. The result is I'm Fine, Thanks.  This is a movie about the moment people realize the life they're living is not the life that's true to their heart... and, as a result, what they decide to do about it!


Watch the trailer and you may discover this is a dream you'd like to support.


I'm Fine, Thanks 


Think it's the wrong time to get started?


My friend Steve Strauss is an author and the senior small business columnist at USA Today. He's as passionate about self-employment as I am and is the driving force behind a terrific new Web site (that I mentioned previously) called The Self Employed


Last weekend, Steve posted this terrific article called Now Is The Best Time Ever For Small Business. See for yourself why he thinks so.


Expand Your Entrepreneurial Vocabulary


Reinforcement is necessary in learning a language or mastering a new skill. That's precisely why I began publishing Winning Ways newsletter twenty-six years ago. Like me, our readers are committed to building their own one-of-a-kind operation.


Sometimes that journey feels lonely. I remember a call I once received from a subscriber who said she was on the verge of quitting. "I had even written out refund checks to all of my customers. Then your newsletter arrived and I decided I had to see this through."


While you're building your business, I'm busily sifting through enormous amounts of information in order to bring you the best ideas, tips and resources six times a year. You'll find articles on personal growth alongside book recommendations, shoestring marketing tips, profit center ideas, and success stories from our subscribers.


Won't you join us? If you like inspiration combined with practical information, Winning Ways is the place to find it. It's like having your own personal consultant, for a fraction of the cost.


Click on the link below and I'll send you a bonus issue to get you started.


Winning Ways 

Buon Viaggio,


Barbara Winter

Barbara Winter 


P.S. On occasion, I may receive a commission or compensation when you participate or purchase a product or service I recommend. That being said, I strive to always offer useful content and resources in each issue of Joyfully Jobless News.
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