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As you read this issue, think about these insightful words from Eric Hoffer:

In times of change, learners inherit the earth, while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists

Changing times bring changing opportunities, but only to those who are looking for them. One huge trend that seems to be mushrooming is the desire for reinvention. People from all walks of life are making new choices, considering options that they'd ignored or simply deciding it's time to go after their neglected dreams. Along with this desire for change comes some frustration. How to get started? What do I do next? How can I make the transtion from where I am to where I want to go?

Maybe you're thinking you'd like to be a helping hand in all of this. If so, Valerie Young's Outside the Job Box Career Experts program could be the perfect fit for you. Not only has she put together an incredible toolbox for launching your own consulting business, she's created a program that is flexible and can be tailored to fit your style and interest. Here's a tiny smattering of what this program can teach you:

Discover proven consulting and creative brainstorming techniques you can put to immediate use to help clients or workshop attendees see ways to turn their interests into income

Learn at your own pace, on your own schedule

Learn simple, low- and no-cost marketing techniques to attract paying clients

Launch yourself into a whole new career - and life - running workshops or consulting with individual clients as an Outside the Job Box Career Expert

Since 2006, Valerie has trained over 100 people from the USA, Canada, the UK, Singapore, Sweden, Kenya, and Australia how to start their own small businesses being Outside the Job Box Career Experts. Many of the program graduates work one-on-one with individual clients, usually over the telephone. Some are niche marketing to people in their current or previous profession like returning vets and military spouses, realtors who need to get another income stream going, and burned out attorneys. Using this program, Jane Herchenroether Kirsch started Life and Work by Design to help her clients plan an inspired retirement. Others have taken their lead from Valerie and are quite happy to work with anyone who wants to change course!

In another week or so, Valerie will be closing the program to new enrollments. To learn more about whether the Outside the Job Box Career Expert Course and Business Launch System is right for you, click on the link below. Watch the video and read the course description. Then, follow your gut.

As Charles Handy once said, "For the first time in the human experience, we have a chance to shape our work to suit the way we want to live instead of always living to fit in with our work... We would be mad to miss the chance."

Outside the Job Box Career Expert

I'm headed to Follow Through Camp this week, but will be tackling the Money Dragon with two teleclasses the following week. If you'd like to join me for Beyond the $100 Hour on May 19 and/or Creating and Managing Multiple Profit Centers on May 21, click on the link below and I'll send you the details.

And remember that you can save $10 when you enroll in both. You'll also receive an audio download whether you can attend in person or not. Love to have you along.

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Buona fortuna,


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