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April 27, 2010
Barbara Winter's Joyfully Jobless News
Be with those who help your being.
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Three Ways to Get a Creative Boost
Barbara Online
Buon Viaggio Blog
The theme this month is Richly Resourceful.
Creative Catalysts
During a session of What Would an Entrepreneur Do? we were talking about  behaviors that distinguish employees from entrepreneurs. I'd written a long list of characteristics, but the best one came from Alice Barry during the seminar. She said, "Employees commiserate. Entrepreneurs brainstorm."

Collaboration is also a favorite activity of the Joyfully Jobless. For those of us who run solo enterprises, we have to actively seek ways to connect with other self-bossers to share ideas, plan joint projects and, yes, brainstorm.

There's a post on Buon Viaggio blog right now inspired by a survey that Edward Glassman recently conducted. His study was done with employees, not entrepreneurs, but there's no reason to think it doesn't apply to us as well. Here's what he found. Overall, the majority of people perceive that the biggest boost to their creativity comes from interacting with other people.
It's also true, of course, that these idea-stimulating folks almost never show up at our front door inviting us to brainstorm. We have to put ourselves in places where those connections can occur. I'll be sharing more ideas about that on my blog.

I'm also getting ready for two exciting events happening this week that will certainly be loaded with brainstorm-worthy material-and people who can boost your creativity.

They're coming up fast so if you want to participate, there's no time to dither.

The Traditional Writers' Conference Goes Virtual! 

If you're writing a book, thinking about it or have one that you'd like to see selling briskly, check out the Nonfiction Writers' Conference. Stephanie Chandler has gathered a fantastic group of experts including Dan Poynter, Joan Stewart, Brian Jud and Mike Larsen. I'll be doing a segment on Building Long Shelf Life for Your Book.

Here's just some of what you will learn: 

  • How to write a compelling book with market appeal.
  • Methods for generating business revenue and opportunities with your book.
  • Simple ways to attract valuable media exposure.
  • How to break into professional speaking--from free to fee!
  • Ways to build your platform and get known as an expert in your industry.
  • How to take advantage of low-cost, high-return social media marketing strategies with Facebook and Twitter.
  • What it takes to turn your website into a traffic-generating machine.
  • The pros and cons of self-publishing vs. traditional publishing and mistakes to avoid.
  • Real-world advice on how to land a book deal.
  • Insider secrets for promoting your book online.
  • How to generate passive income from ebooks, special reports and other information products.
BONUS: Pitch Your Book to Literary Agents! 

All-Access conference attendees have the opportunity to participate in our Literary Agent Pitch Fest, which guarantees that your book will be reviewed by an agent from our panel. 

Conference Location: Your Couch! 

Best of all, you can attend this event from anywhere: your office, car, couch or even at the gym. All conference sessions will be delivered via teleseminar so all you need is a telephone to attend the live sessions. Can't make it to all of them? No problem!

Registered attendees with an All-Access Pass receive downloadable MP3 recordings for all sessions. 

If you are ready to finally get your book finished, promote the books you already have or you want to discover how to build a business around your books and unlock new opportunities, then you've come to the right place.

Event Dates: April 28 - 30, 2010
Nonfiction Writers' Conference
To register use code: joblessmuse

Un-Job Fair

Barbara near Art on the WallFor the past year, our local news has shown us a steady stream of job fairs where hundreds of people show up to check out a handful of job openings. Often these stories include interviews with discouraged job seekers.

As I watched this happening, I kept thinking that the time had come to talk about alternatives to getting a job. And so the Un-Job Fair was born. Thanks to the support of Helen Hand at Colorado Free University, we'll be debuting this day long exploration of self-employment in Denver on Saturday, May 1.

There's a terrific lineup of speakers including Steve Veltcamp who's a whiz at researching and sharing great ideas for small businesses. I'll be kicking things off with my keynote So Why Aren't We All Self-employed? and then following up with a workshop on Doing First Things First.

If you're in the area, cancel all other plans and join us. It's going to be an idea-filled day.

Event Date: May 1, 2010
Denver, Colorado
Five Minutes of Inspiration

5 Minutes of Inspiration I've been sharing this wonderful video ever since I found it last week. It's all about the importance of keeping a personal, visual journal. Enjoy!

Pay a visit (or several) to Buon Viaggio blog this month where the theme is Richly Resourceful. I'll be sharing lots of ideas for mobilizing the resources you already have.

Buona fortuna,
Barbara Winter

Barbara Winter

P.S. On occasion, I may receive a commission or compensation when you participate or purchase a product or service I recommend. That being said, I strive to always offer useful content and resources in each issue of Joyfully Jobless News.
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