April 25, 2011
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That is what learning is: you suddenly understand something you've known your whole life,

but in a new way. ~ Doris Lessing

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Barbara and Zoe in DogsuitMy granddaughter Zoe and I share a fondness for the work of artist Mary Engelbreit. When Zoe saw my Engelbreit desk calendar, she decided that acquiring one of her own was a fine way to spend some of her allowance. When she sees a drawing of a little girl with brown hair, she'll break into a grin and exclaim, "Oh, that is so ME!"

Last week when Zoe came for her sleepover, I realized I'd never shown her The Art and the Artist, an autobiographical book about Mary Engelbreit's journey to becoming a successful artist. We curled up in bed and began paging through the book.

We came across two pages of early drawings. As we studied them, I noticed something. "Zoe," I said, "those drawings were done when she was nine. You're only six and you already draw better than she did at nine." Zoe sat up a bit straighter and smiled.

We slowly continued going through the book, talking about the drawings. Then Zoe frowned and shared her frustration. "I love animals," she said, "but I really want to be an author." I'm not sure if that was inspired by her winning the Outstanding Author Award in her class this year or if it comes from being surrounded by books since birth. It was the first time I'd heard her say it.

"You could be an author who owns a lot of animals," I suggested and she relaxed. I also wondered why a six-year-old was having a career crisis.

When her mother came to fetch her the next morning, I told her about the conversation. "You don't have to pick just one thing," Jennie said. Zoe nodded and I suspected she'd heard that advice before.

Every time I encounter someone who is stuck and frustrated, I can be quite certain that they've never been encouraged to build their own Option Bank. Like a regular bank, the more you put in, the more you can take out.

One of the best ways I know to build an Option Bank (or fatten up an existing one) is to acquire more tools and resources. Here are three easy ways to do just that.


If you haven't visiting my blog, Buon Viaggio, take a look. I add new posts two or three times every week. Today's piece is a glimpse of a Fellow Traveler who has built a wildly successful business that includes plenty of options.

What Rick Steves Can Teach Us About Building a Business


Winning Ways Idea SafariThe Winning Ways Idea Safari launches on Tuesday, April 26, by exploring 9 Ways to Add Gusto to Your Goalsetting. We'll go on to tackle the sometimes thorny problem of Dealing With an Up and Down Cash Flow on the following Tuesday and then conclude this short series with 10 Ways to Get Into the Conversation.

You can acquire these tools for for the introductory price of just $25 for the series. And you'll receive an audio download of each of the explorations.

Winning Ways Idea Safari


The most valuable tool you can bring to building a business is an entrepreneurial mindset. Alas, most of us have had more training in thinking like an employee.

Join me in Minneapolis, MN on May 12 & 13 for a 2-day event we're calling Energize Your Entrepreneurial Spirit. We'll kick off this fun excursion with What Would an Entrepreneur Do?, a crash course in replacing an employee mindset with an option-filled entrepreneurial one.

On May 13, I'll be revisiting my ever-popular program, Making a Living Without a Job. That afternoon, Mickey Mikeworth takes over with Build a 5-Star Business Model.

Make plans to attend one or all of these programs. Your business will thank you. And if you do so before April 29, your bank account will thank you as well. Event organizer Alice Barry has extended the Early Bird pricing through this week.

Energize Your Entrepreneurial Spirit 


Buona fortuna,
Barbara Winter

Barbara Winter

P.S. On occasion, I may receive a commission or compensation when you participate or purchase a product or service I recommend. That being said, I strive to always offer useful content and resources in each issue of Joyfully Jobless News.
April 21, 2011
Barbara Winter's Joyfully Jobless News

I've learned that following what you love magnifies your talent. You just have to have the faith to invest in it. ~ Leslie Rector

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Five Popular Myths About Self-Employment
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The theme this month is
Fellow Travelers

Barbara Old HotelMuch of the conventional wisdom about self-employment actually qualifies as Urban Myths. Sadly, many people who think about becoming Joyfully Jobless are stopped from doing so because of these commonly held, but unfounded, beliefs. Let's take a look at five biggies.

Only extroverts can be entrepreneurs. A recent study found that almost all kindergartners exhibited entrepreneurial traits. By the fourth grade, however, innovative thinking was on the decline. Being an introvert or extrovert isn't nearly as important as caring about people and wanting to solve problems.

You need the security of a job. What a Twentieth Century concept. Even as jobs are disappearing all over the place, people still cling to that outmoded notion about security. Successful self-bossers know that you can only have as much security as you produce for yourself.

Or as Helen Keller pointed out, "Security is mostly a superstition. It does not exist in nature, nor do children as a whole experience it. Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than outright exposure. "

Starting a business is risky. So is driving, eating and sex. It's a matter of how you do it. In fact, self-bossers who have done their homework, visualized their business and are committed to laying a strong foundation don't consider what they're doing to be risky.

Preparation makes a huge difference, of course, as does a willingness to ask for help, experimentation, and flexibility.

You need a lot of money to start a business. Another outmoded belief. While it's true that some businesses require heavy capitalization, that's not the only option. More and more modern entrepreneurs are mastering the art of the shoestring startup, learning to generate cash flow and build slow and strong.

Most small businesses fail in the first five years. Last year, I was watching a live Twitter event when a popular speaker proclaimed, "Eighty percent of all businesses fail in the first five years." To make sure we were properly shocked, he repeated himself.

Where did he get that statistic, I wondered. If it were true, there'd be nothing but U-Hauls parked in commercial parking lots.

Even the Small Business Administration likes to tout failure rates, but these statistics are based on heavily capitalized, undertakings. The success rate for lean enterprises is actually high.

Sadly, these myths can even haunt those who have started their own business. Shedding the employee mindset is not an overnight process, of course, but recognizing these old notions about self-employment can be challenged.

Do your own detective work. Find evidence of success and pay attention. If you want to succeed as an entrepreneur, be committed to taking advice from informed sources. In starting a business, that means learning from those who have successfully done so...not the fearmongers and dreambashers.



Winning Ways Idea SafariAs readers of Winning Ways newsletter already know, it's our 25th anniversary. I plan to celebrate that milestone all year long. After all, I've learned a thing or two in this quarter of a century and I have no intention of keeping it to myself.

In looking through the 24 years of this publication, I've uncovered hundreds of tips, ideas and resources that belong in the toolkit of anyone wanting to succeed at making a living without a job.

Then I had an idea. Why not turn some of these collections into teleclasses? And while I'm at it, why not add to the festivities by offering the first three for $25? That's $25 for the series, not each teleclass.

So here's what I've got planned to launch the Winning Ways Idea Safari. On this expedition we'll be scouting tools and techniques you can bring back to your own habitat.

9 Ways to Add Gusto to Your Goalsetting

Despite the proven effectiveness of goalsetting, do you know that less than 10% of the population regularly sets goals and commits to making them happen?

"If you want to be happy," advised Dale Carnegie, "set yourself a goal that demands your thoughts, liberates your energy, and inspires your hopes." People who consistently set and accomplish their goals do more than just write them down on paper, however. They add impetus to their dreams by using a variety of techniques to enhance their effort.

In this teleclass, we'll explore 9 proven ways to move you in the direction of your most important goals.

Tuesday, April 26, 8-9 PM EDT, 5-6 PM PDT

6 Ways to Make Peace With an Up and Down Cash Flow

The thought of giving up a regular salary strikes fear in the hearts of many would-be self-bossers. Learning to live with a fluctuating cash flow can be one of the greatest challenges for both new and experienced entrepreneurs.

In this teleclass, we'll explore half a dozen ways to make it easier.

Tuesday, May 3, 8-9 PM EDT, 5-6 PM PDT

10 Ways to Get Into the Conversation

No matter what your business, chances are lots of other people are talking about your interests. You can remain a spectator, of course, or you can participate in the dialogue.

In this teleclass, we'll investigate some of the easiest ways to join the conversation.

Tuesday, May 10, 8-9 PM EDT, 5-6 PM PDT

Sign up now to join me for the Winning Ways Idea Safari. Tuesdays don't work for you? You can still register to receive the audio download version of all three classes.

Winning Ways Idea Safari


Fellow Traveler Alice Barry has organized an exciting jam-packed event coming up quickly on May 12 & 13 in Minneapolis.

In Energize Your Entrepreneurial Spirit, you'll learn to think like an entrepreneur, create your own winning business model and stay inspired while you build your dream.

We'd love to have you join us...and we'd love to have you save $100 by taking advantage of the Early Bird enrollment which ends on April 22. That's Friday.

Energize Your Entrepreneurial Spirit


Do the Work, Steven PressfieldDo the Work, the much anticipated companion to Steven Pressfield's War of Art has arrived and it's a surprise. If War of Art sounded as if it was written by a wise old uncle gently sharing insights, Do the Work seems to be the creation of a demanding cheerleader who refuses to let you fail.

This little book, the second from Seth Godin's Domino Project, packs a wallop as it urges the reader on from project idea to project completion. I'm still not sure how to describe this new treasure except to urge you to add it to your library. Like the earlier book, Do the Work is bound to be read more than once.

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Buona fortuna,
Barbara Winter

Barbara Winter

P.S. On occasion, I may receive a commission or compensation when you participate or purchase a product or service I recommend. That being said, I strive to always offer useful content and resources in each issue of Joyfully Jobless News.
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