April 14, 2011
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Commitment is about being there when it's not convenient or easy. It's about steadfastness in the face of change or crisis. ~ Mary Pipher

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Venice With siblingsSeveral years ago, I was flying to Boston and suddenly recalled my first trip there. It might have been in 1989 or 1990 and I was scheduled to teach at a now-defunct learning center. I had spent several days with my friend Chris in Connecticut and then took the bus to Boston.


When I arrived in the early evening, it was sleeting. I began walking from the bus station to the YWCA, the cheapest place I could find to stay. The streets were getting slippery, I was carrying heavy luggage and my glasses kept getting sleeted over. There were few people around and the ones I asked for directions couldn't help me. I must have walked in circles for an hour before I finally located the Y.


My relief was short-lived as soon as I saw my miniscule room which resembled (I imagined) a convent cell. The bathroom was a large shower/toilet facility down the hall. I believe I spent the weekend certain that I had taken leave of my senses.


The bright spot in all of this was the reason I had come in the first place: to teach the fundamentals of making a living without a job.


I hadn't thought about that first Boston trip for ages even though I had returned regularly to several years. On this later trip, my visit was quite a different experience. The venerable Boston Center for Adult Education, where I was teaching this time, had reserved a room for me at the Westin.


I arrived at my room on the twentieth floor and discovered it was the most gorgeous hotel room I'd ever stayed in. It was dark and the view of the city lights was breathtaking. Spending an evening in all that splendor was a pleasure.


The next morning I got up and walked to the window to open the drapes. I pulled them back and laughed out loud when I noticed a sign not two blocks away that said YWCA.


I don't know how you measure progress, but I know that moving from the Y to the Westin felt like progress to me. I also know that if I hadn't been willing to put up with the Y in my early days, I wouldn't have found myself staying at the Westin later.


Bill Gates once pointed out that the reason why kids get the hang of computers more quickly than adults do is that kids can tolerate confusion better. After all, everything is new and confusing when you're a kid. Adults, on the other hand, often prefer to avoid the discomfort that goes with learning something new.


It might help to remember as Robert Allen pointed out, "Everything you want is just outside your comfort zone."



Winning WaysNobody is more surprised-or delighted-that my print newsletter Winning Ways has just begun its twenty-fifth year of publication.


This morning I received a renewal from Shannan Hughes who wrote, "I've kept every issue since I began subscribing in 1996 and I still refer back to former issues. I always look forward to each issue and the excellent information each one contains."


There are all sorts of reasons why I've continued publishing Winning Ways, despite vast increases in production costs and the time involved in producing each issue. At the top of the list is my inability to keep good things to myself. A terrific new book, a clever business idea, a story from a subscriber need to be shared methinks.


As I wrote in the current issue, "Creative self-employment demands daily practice, reinforcement and attention. It's my hope that on the days you open your mailbox and see Winning Ways waiting for you, it sends a message to your subconscious mind that you are serious about your joyfully jobless life."


If you're not yet a subscriber, consider this your official invitation to join me for regular infusions of ideas, information and inspiration.


Winning Ways


Alison Marks has put together a terrific series of free teleclasses in which she interviews seasoned entrepreneurs about their discoveries and lessons learned in starting a business.


I'm excited to be joining her 6 Figure Home Office Success Talks on Tuesday, April 19. If you'd like to listen in, we'd love to have you along. Click on the link below for details.  


6 Figure Home Office Success Talks



It's always a pleasure to revisit places where I've lived happily. In May, I'm returning to Minneapolis and Las Vegas and I'm excited about both. Here's what's happening.


Minneapolis, May 12 & 13


Alice Barry has put together two great days to Energize Your Entrepreneurial Spirit. On Thursday, May 12, I'll be sharing one of my favorite programs, What Would an Entrepreneur Do?, a crash course in entrepreneurial thinking. (No, it's not about accounting and stock options.)


Friday, May 13, opens with Making a Living Without a Job, followed by Mickey Mikeworth's  Build a 5-Star Business Model. Mickey Mikeworth will be teaching entrepreneurial thinkers and small business owners how to stop chasing money and how to start attracting it.


You can register for the entire event, or just one or two parts of it. And if you do so before April 22, you'll get a lovely discount.


Energize Your Entrepreneurial Spirit


Las Vegas, May 21


I'll be heading back to zany Las Vegas where I'm doing Making a Living Without a Job and Establish Yourself as an Expert sponsored by UNLV's Continuing Education Program. Both of these old favorites can help you put the odds in your favor if you're heading down the self-employment road.


Don't live in the area? This could be a nice opportunity to pay your visit and make your Las Vegas trip a tax deductible business expense. No kidding.


To register for either or both of these, call 702-895-3394 or online at http://edoutreach.unlv.edu/continuingeducation/


Denver, June 4


After the terrific response to last year's Un-Job Fair, Colorado Free University is offering this all-day exploration of self-employment again.


Un-Job Fair

Buona fortuna,
Barbara Winter

Barbara Winter

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