April 8, 2014
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If the environmental conditions surrounding our life support our evolution toward self-actualization, then we will move in that direction. If the environmental conditions in our life don't support this movement, then we won't.  
~ Stewart Emery
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Spending time in the company of others who are forward-thinking can have a powerful impact on our ultimate success.        


One of my favorite reminders of this comes from Stewart Emery who wrote, "If you were a willow tree living by a riverside, the environmental conditions would support your evolution toward becoming a self-actualized willow tree.


"If, on the other hand, you were a willow tree and you were planted in the desert, the chances of your making it as a self-actualized willow tree would be virtually nil."


Emery goes on to point out that the same is true for us. However, you and I have the creative intelligence to plant ourselves in an environment that will support our growth.


Comedian Martin Short once wrote a wonderful essay in Time magazine about the turning point in his life. He had moved to Los Angeles, but was adrift. On the day that his own doubts and fears were the strongest, someone invited him to go to an improv show. To be polite, Short accepted, although he didn't want to go. 


He writes, "That show changed my life.The actors were improvising and my mind was going with them. For the first time, I realized that I could channel the way I could be funny at a party into my onstage role. But before that evening, I had never put the pieces together. I had never seen my potential.


Want to see more of your dreams come true? It might be easier than you think. Here's the one that can make the biggest impact: transplant yourself into a dreambuilding environment as often as possible. 


Gather with others who are motivated and proactive. Make idea gathering your favorite hobby. Listen to inspiring speakers and read eloquent authors who have taken a higher path. Share ideas with forward-thinking people. Refuse to believe that you aren't a good investment.


Do so and discover that when you regularly show up for your dreams, they'll start showing up for you.  


The  Persian poet Rumi put it simply: Be with those who help your being


When it comes to starting out on the Joyfully Jobless Journey, many of us feel bewildered about finding those who can help us become successfully self-employed. We know far too few people who have blazed the trail. We're not even sure where to look.


So Terri Belford and I decided to offer some direction with our upcoming, free teleclass called 8 Ways to Find Your Tribe. We'll be sharing our favorite ways of connecting with others who can be a source of support and practical advice. 


We'll be sharing what we've learned on April 15. If you can't make the live call, sign up anyway and we'll send you a recording.

Although many of us have decided that small is still beautiful, the Go Big or Go Home folks are still attracting a lot of attention. They're also perpetrating an epidemic of frustration. Terri Belford addressed this beautifully in a piece she wrote last week.


"When I decided to take my consulting business online in 2007," she wrote, "I attended a large seminar presented by a well-known speaker on internet marketing for coaches. After three days and thousands of dollars, I walked away feeling overwhelmed and unsatisfied. I met some nice entrepreneurs but with hundreds of attendees, we didn't form the kind of bond that happens when you are in a smaller, more intimate workshop. 


"I received a 'blueprint' for formulaic internet marketing but I wanted to know how to apply it to MY ideas and MY business in a style that fit ME."


I urge you to read Your Ideas Need Something Else and you may discover a missing piece of your own puzzle.  


In the early days of my Making a Living Without a Job seminars, it required a fair amount of courage to even enroll. I noticed that people would visibly relax the moment they came into the seminar room and saw dozens of other people who were equally curious.


Sir Ken Robinson says, "Connecting with people who share the same passions confirms that you are not alone."  Here are some places you can connect with me and others who are bringing their ideas to life.


null Rolla, MO

Joyfully Jobless Weekend 

April 11 & 12


London, UK

Making a LIving Without a Job  

May 17


Denver, CO

Un-Job Fair 

May 31


Denver, CO

Mile-High Mastermind 

June 1-3


Two years ago, Steve Strauss, MrAllBiz for USA Today, started a terrific site, www.theselfemployed.com. It's loaded with great information, ideas and resources.

I sometimes show up in the Coffee Break section to share stories and tips. 


Here's one of my most popular pieces, 25 Books I Could Never Do Without. Come visit often.

Buon Viaggio,


Barbara Winter

Barbara Winter 


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